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Need comments on government spending. Will anyone help me?

We build a school in Baghdad, while our educational system suffers.

We pay to feed the children and homeless of Iraq while children in our own country suffer.

We give Social Security to damn near anyone who wants it but our seniors can't afford the medicine needed to live.

The U.S. gives foreign companies tax exemption for 7 years to operate in the U.S. while encouraging domestic companies to hire and use workers from other countries (Wal-Mart).

Many Americans are struggling to survive in their own country due to Katrina and relief still hasn't gotten to them, yet Hezbollah is handing out crisp new 100 dollar U.S. bills to people in Lebanon (where the hell did they get them?).

Does it seem our tax dollars are being abused? Or am I mistaken? Please comment. Respectful criticism only please.

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    Okay. I have criticsm, but I also have agreement...

    I do not like my tax dollars being spent on this war! I don't want to be in Iraq, and I don't want my dollars spent there unless they ARE to help the people.

    We don't give Social Security to anyone who wants it--I think you have this confused with some sort of welfare system. Social Security is what senior citizens get from the government--from the money THEY (the seniors) paid into it all of the years they worked. The government has borrowed and borrowed from this fund until there is almost nothing left! Many of us (I'm 60) will not be able to avail ourselves of this money that WE put into SS because of the government...and the purpose of the fund was to make sure that seniors who had worked all of their lives would NOT be left destitute!

    You're right about places like Wal-Mart, and all of the rich Republicans who have "illegal" nannies, housekeepers, maids, gardeners, crop pickers, etc. (How can people be so cruel as to want to force these people back into their nations of origin, when it was US who encouraged their move here, and PAID them to do it?!??!!)

    Our school system is in shambles! It needs to be torn down and rebuilt!

    It is a national shame that our government can't get it together to help the victims of Katrina. Ice trucks were sent to Connecticut during the midst of the crisis???? But "cheaters" were caught within weeks??? I don't approve of the cheaters, b ut how did we find them if we couldn't even find the states that were hit by the storm??????

    And where the hell DID Hezbollah get US $100.00 bills?? Where can I find some??? I'm not a fanatic, a terrorist, an American-hater.....aren't I entitled to something?

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    We're being raped by our own government.

    9 Billion dollars (yes, that's with a B) went "missing" in Iraq. What's up with that?

    Another 110 Billion allocated for the Katrina effort, but only about 40 Billion has been spent, and still people are without homes. Bureaucratic red tape at it's finest.

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    Katrina - still a mess. Billions squandered - the same in Iraq.

    When you give a no bid contract to Halliburtan for billions, it just lines the pockets of the political heads. Greed is slowly diminishing the fabric of this country. No middle class will have a chance anymore. People really need to study who they vote for in the next elections.

    Citizens need to really get involved and study how these politicans have voted and get them out fast.

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    Reagan is the president who extremely higher borrowing and the nationwide debt, placing the table for the further of both Bush presidents, with in ordinary words a non everlasting repreive contained in the middle with Clinton, who befell to be a Democrat. Now Obama could freshen up between the biggest monetary messes in heritage, a mess he inherited from the most incompetent president in heritage. The neocons haven't any coin in complaining about Obama's spending. their own guy, the single they pretend in no way befell and in no way existed, spent money swifter than a wino can down a jug of Thunderbird. anybody knows that the deficit and nationwide debt desires to be presented less than administration, including Obama. the in ordinary words question is a thanks to do it. And doing it the way the neocons favor to, through dumping the load on the elderly, the detrimental and the middle classification isn't proper. we do not desire welfare for billionaires.

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    Unfortunately a lot of the money, meant for good ends up in the abusers hands, in the case of Hezbollah. But in reference to the bigger question, its guns or butter, and money buys influence in the world, but not at home.

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    The American government likes to conceal the truth all the time and people all over the world suffer even the people in America

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    You pretty well said it all.... clinton handed out our money in a like fashion..... foreign aid doesn't work.

    "Foreign aid might be defined as a transfer of money from poor people in rich countries

    to rich people in poor countries." Douglas Casey, Classmate of Bill Clinton at

    Georgetown Univ.

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