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How can I link two folders, so that when I update one the other also updates itself.?

I have folders and backups, I want to know how can I interconnect them so that when I add new files to the main folder, the same file gets added on to the backup.

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    It's not perfect but what Microsoft "invented" to handle this is the "briefcase". The briefcase is intended as a mirror folder to the original data. In Windows Explorer, in the folder where you want to create the backup, right click in an empty space, select New and then Briefcase. Rename this folder if needed. Next, drag files from the originals into the briefcase folder. Periodically update the briefcase by right-clicking it and selecting update. You must not be in the briefcase but one folder level above it. It will present you with options on what files to copy in which direction.

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    A program like Second Copy works great for this - I have used it for over 5 years with excellent results. Inexpensive too.

    Source(s): www.secondcopy.com
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    Use a synchronisation tool.

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