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Can anybody help?

In P.E. we run a LOT, im always one of the first people to finish when we do liners or laps around the gym or track, but afterwards i ALWAYS have cramps in my legs, there REALLY stiff, i can barely walk and it also hurts when i sit...and i cant stand the pain, we strech before we run..but that doesnt seem to help...does anybody know anything i can do to stop or at least decrease it? and is it normal for it to happen ALL the time? (im 14 by the way)

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    These type of symptoms are normal for runners of any age. This is caused of dehydration and muscle exhaution; also your urine is frequently dark yellow when this happens. Drink at least 16 ounces of water the night prior workout day and 8 ounces every 2 to 4 hours to keep your body hydrated. This will avoid the cramps and muscles pain. Dehydration is the worst enemy of an active preson and athletes, so keep a bottle of water close to you, even when you don't feel thirsty.

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    It all depends on where in the leg it hurts.

    I run alot to but I found out that I have week shin

    bones and that causes cramps. If it is in the back of

    your legs in the mussels then you might need to

    drink more water because your mussels are lacking

    oxygen. also try a one a day multi vitamin. mussels

    will always tighten up after running..

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    Icy Hot

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    start doing yoga at home. this will give you stress free work outs and after a while become less stiff. read tips on some great yoga routines on this site

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    Keep a bannana in your bag, eat it after gym and drink some water.

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    you could be dehydrated or going through a growth spurt. Try drinking more water.

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    get them chopped off that'll help.

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