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need to find lawyer willing to take on DCF/KCI and staff of both -anyone able to help please -answers needed?

need to find help wit KCI/DCF and staff that have done nothing to help my kids but have put them in harms way,any help is gratfully needed and plase-ASAP

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    I can't say I know the answer to your question and I suspect suggesting calling the state bar association would only get you to role your eyes.

    Good luck, CS

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    I have an idea how to get a lawyer for your case.Please contact Non profit organizations around your area.You also call the bar association because, They have Pro Bo-no lawyers to help you if you can not afford.Check around and Meanwhile,you live near by the law library you can get in and ask for help.Do not discourage yet and ask around and I am sure you will find help.Good luck.

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