any good anime suggestions for me?

animes i've seen and like are:


Pilot candidate (Candidate for Goddess)

Final fantasy: unlimited


Rouroni Kenshin

King of bandit jing

Wolf's Rain

Outlaw star



Blue seed

Ghost in a shell


Yu-Yu Hakusho


sakura wars

Gundam G

Tokyo babylon


Prince of Tennis

Princess Nine


Case Closed

Other anime i've seen that was ok is: digimon, pokemon, hikaru no go, sailor moon, Yu gi oh, the dragonball series, the tenchi muyo series, zatch bell, angelic layer, and pretear.

Thank you!! and if it isnt a problem leave a very brief description of the show, like a sentence or 2. THANKS!!!!


how could i forget i also watch naruto and ive seen most of the miyazaki films.


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    Based on what you've seen and liked I would recommend -

    Ranma 1/2 (made by the same woman as Inuyasha)

    DearS (very similar to Chobits, but not quite as good)

    Full Metal Panic

    Read or Die - OVA (short on plot, but action packed!)

    Fruits Basket (I believe the same ppl who made Chobits, but this one starts slow and is more geared towards girls, but very much worth watching!)

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    Naruto, of course! And I know you've said Hikaru no Go already, but the manga is sooooooooooooo much better than the anime! Naruto is a show about a young teenager who has a demon fox sealed inside of him, and his village shuns him for that. So he vows to become the leader of the village so people will look up to him, instead of ignoring him or running away.

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    Hey, you need to see Full Metal Panic! << don't get confused by the name cuz it isn't Full Metal Alchemist.

    I just love this show, heres the intro trust me you won't regret watching it, its the best!.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Full Metal Panic info: Sagara Sosuke is an elite soldier employed by the independent mercenary special force Mithril which fights terrorism across the globe. Using battlefield technology far superior to that of most nations, Mithril intercedes on behalf of justice.

    Second Lieutenant Sagara's newest assignment is to protect a Japanese high-school girl, Chidori Kaname. To accomplish this task, he pretends to be a new transfer student attending Kaname's school.

    ^^ I got that info from,710,zbbfjn,full...

    heres a list of the anime I like:

    Gundam Wing, Ghost in the Shell, Escaflowne, Chobits, Inuyasha, Rouroni Kenshin, and Macross Plus.

    check out Macross Plus :

    Youtube thumbnail

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    While not truly "anime" (it is entirely done here in the States), Avatar: The Last Air Bender is a great show done in anime style. Not only is the story compelling, artwork great, animation fluid, but the martial arts are real and modelled after actual people. I could even drop some names if you want, like Sifu Kisu and Sifu Manuel Rodriguez.

    Great show on Nickelodeon. Check it out!

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    Evangelion is an amazing series. It's based after the Second Impact. Probably one of the most psychological animes out there too.

    Sailor Moon is also very good too. Ordinary teenage girls become superheroes and fight evil. Quite a bit of seasons too, most are enjoyable.

    If you haven't seen Naruto yet, I'd recommend it too. One of the best series out currently.

    Seems you got most of the Adult Swim anime series covered :-)

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    NARUTO IS JUST AWESOME!!! the best anime everrr..... i also luv tha dragon ball series(awesome) and i've been readin dis manga rebirth that i really like, and i also watch AVATAR:the last airbender: rite now in the U.S. there showin repeats of season two buh on september 15th there havin an hour movie which continues tha other hour movie which already came out. avatar is basically about "benders" who can bend/control water,fire,earth, and air and Aang the last airbender is the "avatar" in training and has to learn all four elements and stop the great war by killing the fire nation's firelord b4 dis comet comes which gives the fire lord great power.... as you can see i'm really into it it's on nickelodeon you shood check it out

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    IGPX (Immortal Grand Prix). This is a pretty cool anime set in the year 2049. It's futuristic style adds to the coolness of it. You should check it out. Basically it's about "mech" racing, where teams of three verse each other both in combat and at the same time racing.

    You haven't mentioned Gundam Wing. (You know what the Gundam series is mostly about, but I say this is the nicest by far; nice art; appealing story; etc...)

    Youtube thumbnail

    ^^The first ep of IGPX (It has crappy graphics on, but try to get your hands on the dvd or somethin to get a grip of the actual graphics: which is pretty cool)

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    Whoa! how can you miss <[ Hunter X Hunter ]>? Stating it's summary would not help coz it might just make you sleep considering that there are many post here that you have to read on..

    The author of this anime is the one who made YuYu Hakusho.. so if you really love that anime, you got to watch this one too.. you'll be reminded of the characters of YuYU Hakusho, i tell you..

    you can watch it on this ite..

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    Well, I can give a lot of suggestions...

    I really liked Tsubasa Chronicle, The Twelve Kingdoms, Mai-Hime, Mai-Otome, Chrno Crusade, Saikano, Kare Kano, Honey and Clover, Etc.

    I have a list of anime on my website, so you can go there to check them out. Any of the ones on my anime list are good to some point:

    I hope this helps! See ya!

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    Vampire Hunter

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