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which came first?? egg or a chicken??

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    Which came first - the chicken or the egg? "The chicken" came first - in the sentence of the question. If the question is phrased differently, the answer is different.

    Reframing the question

    It could be said that the question simply requires one to know the context. Most people thinking of the question automatically think of the timeline and it is in this manner that both the previous evolutionary theory and religious teachings contexts arise. Other potential contexts are:

    * Having looked through a dictionary from front to back, which came first? - the chicken or the egg?

    * When you walked through the supermarket, which came first? - the chicken or the egg?

    * When reading the menu, which came first? - the chicken or the egg?

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    I have answered this I bet 5 times with the same answer and won best a few times and it is what I believe to be true

    I will past it in so you can see.

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    The Chicken came first. It came from an egg but the egg was laid by something else. It is called evolution. Something that was almost a chicken laid an egg and a chicken came out of it. It is up to you if you want to call it a chicken egg or not but it was not laied by a chicken.

    Kinda like humans. One human mates with a human with longer fingers and that human mates with someone that has long fingers and before long babies are born with long fingers and longer and longer. .Before long humans would be a body with long fingers that drag the ground.

    Get the idea?

    But if you are a god believeing person and bible beater I'm sure you know and will not see it any other way but god created the chicken and it laid the egg.

    How ever you believe. Up to you. Either way the chicken came first.

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    The chicken came first. The egg is a reproduction of the chicken. What's to make a copy of if there's no original?

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    Since God created man and animal the chicken came first, then the egg.

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    the very first chicken must have come out of an egg.

  • Em
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    The egg: eggs are basic sex cells, which existed long before complex organisms like chickens.

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    eggs for breakfast chicken for dinner so the eggs come first

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    A rooster came in a chicken and boom--- a egg came out---

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    Neither...The cock came first. Then the egg,,,then the chicken.


    Source(s): I have either asked or heard this question many times,,,and everyone has their own answer. Well my mother-in-law threw in a pretty funny twist...and we laughed for hours. It's a logical answer to put an end to the madness of this question. Hope you thought it was funny too!
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    God created the chicken first!

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