Does anyone ttc and want to share ttc bbt charts or be cycle buddies?

5 DPO and af was Aug 10 -anyone charting that seems close to this in their 2week wait

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    not in 2 week wait lol im in labor wait forever from now...have you charted in ??? they are the best site to chart on! good luck!!!!

  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    in case you positioned all your back documents into Fertility chum it is going to coach you what your easy cycle length is. you do no longer might desire to have all of the BBT documents for those months, basically enter era dates and it's going to calculate it for you. Your fertlity visual show unit will inform you once you're approximately to ovulate and once you have ovulated this month. it additionally will inform you to the ideal circumstances to bd - once you're growing to be to be a intense or top examining. it truly is once you need to use your pre-seed besides. you won't be in a position to recognize your LP length till you have shown while ovulation has certainly occured and then had a era. So in case you don't get pregnant this month yet you recognize once you ovulated (from utilising your visual show unit) the fertility chum will artwork out your LP length for you. As it truly is the 1st month doing all this you nonetheless have some gaps on your documents, yet after this month you have gotten plenty extra concept. solid good fortune!

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    if you want to email me we can talk about that would be nice to have someone else but the computer to find out info on...

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