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Are you considered to be "shy"?

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    I used to be, but I've gradually grown out of it. Part of overcoming my shyness came from working many years in service-related jobs where I interacted with customers on a daily basis. Part of it also was accompanying my wife to all sorts of social functions. I think without her I might still be a bit of a hermit. :-(

    I've never been very good at making smalltalk or talking to strangers, but the emotional side of being shy has diminished over time. I think a big component of being shy is being too self-conscious. Over the years I've become much more comfortable with who I am on the inside, and much less concerned with what others might think of me. I think it helps in that regard that I have a strong individualist streak in me. That is a good block against perceived societal notions of how I "ought" to be, which only heightens one's self-consciousness.

    So to overcome shyness, a person should practice, practice, practice social interaction until it's no longer a scary or unpleasant thing. One should also work to minimize feeling overly self-conscious, and learn to just be comfortable with who you really are and not be so concerned with what others might think of you.

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    yea I'm considered a "shy guy." Not as shy as i used to be. I was close to the point of being bashful. It was painful back then. Now people just say I'm "quiet." n I'm cool with that:))

    A certain shyness is good. I think it is a good quality. I am confident now and sure of myself---unlike when I was younger so I rather like "shy." I like it on other people as well. It beats loud and obnoxious---some people I know. lol

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    People say I'm shy.. but the truth is I just think everyone is below me so I try to stay away from them.

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    Used ot be. Are you?

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    No never.

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