how does on become a vegetarian?

I've been waiting to become one...but it's hard. My family thinks it dumb and all they ever eat is meat. I'm only 15, so it's not like I can go out and buy my own food.

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    Check out the following links: for info....

    and also..

    to order your own FREE egetarian starter kit, it will help you out alot during the transition...and will also help educate you and possibly even your family as to why you are not into eating meat:)

    I was BORN a vegetarian, but it took me nearly 30 yrs to realize "I dont HAVE to eat meat anymore, I never liked it anyway " etc..and I became veg. for my b-day resent to myself that year in 1998!

    There are soooo many alternatives out there for us veg. heads...Morning Star Farms, Boca, Quorn (found at Whole foods market) brands have much to offer!

    You just follow your heart, tell your family how much it means to you..and hey if ya have to, just eat "around" the meat until you can buy your own substitues, or convince your family to help you is SO much healthier-vegetable protein is SO much better for our bodies than meat protein.

    I dont eat meat because of the horrible ways the meat animals are tortured and slaughtered..I just cant do it.

    example...We go to Mickey D's and order Big macs w/meat on the side (doggies love it;) and sub. our Boca patties for the hamburger when we get home...there are soooooo many ways to be a happy eater and still be vegetarian!

    Google it, and research wont be sorry you did:)

    Peace to you and yours.....

    Jill Anderson

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    Read. Find recipes. Offer to cook at home, even stuff like baked stuffed shells- meat isn't missed as much by the family if there is enough cheese to make everyone bloated. Keep reading and tinkering in the kitchen. Browse the vegetarian section of the bookstore and make you Christmas list from it. Cut out meat as best you can. Read about health issues. At 15 you have the chance to move out in three short years and live life on your own terms. Take the time now to work out some recipes to keep with you for your life later on. Don't preach to your family, it will just annoy them, treasure the relationship with them and leave the meat issue alone aside from it being "your new little hobby."

    Source(s): Recipes Health info Sound nutrition advice and brochures on animal rights.
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    Do a little research on nutrition in general and vegetarian sources of protein specifically. It is not hard to get all your required nutrients, protein included, on a vegetarian diet but it's something your parents will likely be worried about. The best thing you can do to overcome their objections is go to them armed with the facts.

    I was 16 and my sister was 14 when we stopped eating meat and I guess we were lucky because my mom supported us wholeheartedly. Try reassuring your mom (or whoever does the shopping and cooking) that you don't expect a whole separate meal, but that there are a few things you'd like to add to the grocery list. You're old enough to help with the cooking and that way you can adapt what's being eaten by the rest of the family to be suitable for you. If they're having burgers, for example, you can cook yourself a boca patty instead. If they're having spaghetti with meatballs, you can ask your mom to hold out a little of the sauce for you before she puts the meatballs in.

    Hopefully once they see that you are serious, that you are going about it in a healthy way and that you are not going to try to preach to them that they should be vegetarian too, they will not think it's so "dumb."

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    I'm 15 and a vegetarian imagine that! My parents supported me 100%. She doesn't usually make me special suppers I just eat everything she makes except the meat. Its hard for me to get protein(im allergic to nuts soy and dairy) so I take vitamins. I suggest becoming one and don't listen to what your Friends and family say or do. As long as you think it's OK to do then don't let anyone stop you. Your parents will eventually get the idea that you're not gonna eat meat so they'll have to make you vegetarian meals. It'll all work out trust me.

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    um, there are different versions of Vegetarians and vegans and vegetarians could mean just no cattle or cow (milk and all) and vegan being just no meat (pig, chicken, eggs, fish, cattle).

    I think that parents should have some tolerance on what you believe and how you would go your way to act on it. I am a 13 year old girl who find political views different than my parents but my parents know that my views are me and that if they were to change my views, that they would be changing your ideas and concepts and what you believe is right and wrong. If all they ever eat is meat (and I tried this idea) like actuall breakfast, lunch, and dinner, meat, meat, meat, then try to budget your meat intake or something. You could also point out that fruits and vegetables are also required in a daily diet for balanced nutrition. You don't have to eat meat all the time. But you could also lower your meat intake and try to stick to more of your vegetarian ideas as snacks, breakfastes and lunches and only eat small portions of meat..

    wow, I typed a lot....O_O

    Source(s): Dad is a chef that has worked with preparing meals for Vegans and vegetarians and has explained to me that even jello shouldn't be served to vegans and vegetarians (animal extract)
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    I tried once. I am a HUGE animal lover, and it is so true that the animals are slaughtered in really inhumane ways. But think hard about all of what you will be cutting out...NO meat on sausage, bacon, hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, pork, chicken, ham, turkey, and more! It's definitely easier said than done. Also, meat has a lot of proteins and nutrients that our bodies need.

    If you do decide, you just have to make sure to eat TONS of fruits and veggies, and make sure you are getting the proper nutrients. It's pretty much a given that if you don't eat meat, you pretty much have to eat fish as an alternative. If you are really serious about it, your parents should support you. Ask them for the foods that you like. If not, just go through your cabinets and find the non-meat food and eat that. Maybe if you eat all of the non-meat food in the house and drain it dry, your family will get annoyed and buy more!? lol...

    Personally, what I do is instead of giving up meat...I volunteer at local pet shelters, and I also help PETA members write letters to the government and stuff. That way, I am still helping the cause (animal rights), but I still eat meat in moderation. It's VERY hard to not eat any meat at all.

    It really depends on WHY you want to be a vegetarian...animal rights, you think meat is gross, etc...

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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    Check out this site and follow the links. You will find all the information you could ever need to know about becoming, and following a vegetarian lifestyle. There is a lot of information about vitamins, minerals and protein too. It is the website for the Vegetarian Society of the UK which is the oldest veg' soc' in the world.

    Good Luck!

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    Think about the connection between the individuals food and his attitude toward others. Watch fat greedy people eating meat. People manage to swallow it only because they don't think about the crfuel sinful thing they do. People allow their hearts to grow callous. And we must not criticize them. But people with feelings become vegetarians. Flesh foods are not necessary for us at any stage.Your age doesn't matter. Do they allow you to eat any food? Its not all meat is it? Eat a piece of bread. Peanut butter. Anything. Ask the Creator Who made you to increase your sensitivities, and teach you. It take no great money or permission to stop eating corpses. Look at them, shudder and pick up something more appetizing to eat.

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    i started when i was about 13 and no one else is a vegetarian in my family. just eat a lot of salads and beans and dont eat the meat dishes.

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    One becomes a vegetarian by eating meat at ever meal.

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