Pinched nerve?

I went water skiing about the end of june. Since then i have had a very sore lower back. It is safe to say i can not sit still for more than 10 minutes without moving my legs out to stretch and relieve my back. My parents think it is "using new muscles". I can lay down on the floor and sometimes it will feel fine, but sitting up in a chair, couch, desk, etc i cant handle. When i stand up i have no problem with it. I told my aunt and she thinks that it is a pinched nerve. I went to the chiropractor and he said the hip was out and he put it back in and it feels a little better. I try to ice it but it is no use. What might it be. Also if it was using new muscles i am sure i would have no pain now.

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    You need to go and have an MRI and find out what you did. A muscle can hurt for weeks...herniated disks can last a lifetime, and a pinched nerve can last for months or even years. Best way is having an MRI. They (doctor's) have many ways of relieving the pain. They can even give you an epidural which helps internally with the swelling. It could also be your sciatica nerve....which can be sooo very painful.

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    Sounds like you are describing sciatica:

    Most people experience this as some point, to some degree. Do you have any numbness in your leg, or pain/tingling going down your leg?

    Basically, your aunt was right on with the pinched nerve. Unfortunately, there's not really anything your doctor can do for you. Chiropractic definitely helps many people with this problem--I'm surprised he didn't mention sciatica. It takes multiple visits to really do anything, though.

    Exercises to stretch and strengthen you back also help. I found this book helpful:

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    Sounds like you only went to the chiro once? It usually takes more than one trip to get such a signifigant problem fixed, especially when you let it go for a few months.

    Talk to your chiro about an MRI. They are very expensive, however, running around $1600 and up (my FIL paid over $2500 for his) and that is just for the MRI, not for the Dr's who "read" and evaluate it.

    Good luck. Im dealing with a disc problem myself and its not fun at all.

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