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My friend asked me to be the Master of Ceremony for her wedding, I need your help.?

I need an outline for how the program should be organized? The wedding will be on Sat.

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    Why are you two waiting so late in the game to get this worked out? She should have been working with you since she started planning. She should have let you know how she wants the day to progress.

    The order should be as follows:


    1. Prelude music should be playing in the background as ushers (if there are any) seat the guests. If there are no ushers, then the guests should seat themselves.

    2. The mothers and grooms father should be escorted to their seats by the groom and groomsmen.

    3. The officiant preforming the service should arrive at the alter (or whatever)

    4. The groom and his attendants should be lined up if not escorting bridesmaids.

    5. Attendants enter and walk down the isle.

    6. Flower girls and ring bearers enter.

    7. Bride enters escorted by her father.

    8. Then the officiant preforms the ceremony.

    9. The bride and groom leave followed in reverse order by the attendants and parents.

    10. The guests leave.


    1. The wedding party stands in a recieving line to greet and thank their guests.

    2. The guest should enter the reception site after the greetings and the party should follow after they have talked to everybody that came to the line.

    3. Dinner is served (if applicable)

    4. Toasts are presented by the best man and maid of honor.

    5. The bride and groom cut the cake.

    6. The bride and groom have their first dance.

    7. The father-daughter dance (bride)

    8. The mother-son dance (groom)

    (some people choose to have their spouse dance with the other parent duign these dances i.e. during the father-daughter, the groom dances with the bride's mother, during the mother-son dance the bride dances with the groom's father. I've also seen the opposite parent dances as one seperate dance after the mother-son)

    10. Time for the rest of the guests to join the floor and party the night away.

    11. Throwing of the bouquet.

    12. Throwing of the garter.

    13. The man who caught the garter and the woman who caught the bouquet should have a dance togeather near the end of the night.

    14. The last dance, bride and groom start it off, then others join in.

    15. The bride and groom leave in their "honemoon" car, usualy decorated by the groomsmen.

    16. The guests leave.

    17. All of the attendants should make sure that the site is taken care of for cleaning, parents should insure final bills are paid, and anything else that might need to be taken care of.

    18. Vendors go home.

    19. Attendants and parents go home.

    For a song list if you are DJ, you would have to get that from the bride. She should be the one picking songs with assistance from the groom.

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    I've never heard of an emcee at a wedding -- do you mean the actual ceremony, or the reception?

    For the wedding -- let the priest/pastor/justice of the peace/elvis impersonator take control of the order of events.

    For the reception - let the band / DJ take over... you can do the toast or something...

    Ask the bride for more clarification! After all, friends go to weddings to hang out and celebrate with the new couple - not "work" the wedding.

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    announce the most important parts of your Wedding such as a first toast, guest toasts, all presentations, first dances, etc.

    keep attention of your guests on the most important and all necessary parts of your Wedding.

    take care of all schedule and details on your Wedding.

    Make sure that everything runs smoothly

    make sure you announce the names of the wedding party.

    Announce the band or dj

    announce when stuff will be happening

    get people involved

    tell people where to sit

    give out important info

    say the things bride and groom want you to say

    make sure everyone who gives a toast uses the microphone so they can be heard

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    Is this for the ceremony itself or the reception? If it's for the reception, try this timeline:

    I helped organized my friend's wedding reception (with my boyfriend DJing) and this outline was very helpful.

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    ask all the names of the entourage and how they are pronounced..

    you will need it for the intro for the reception.. cake cutting first, then you need to coordinate with the caterer which goes next for the food.. at the last part the throwing of the garter and bouquet... then the last dance... never let a dull moment come in your program, you can either sing them a song while eating... try to be creative..

    goodluck on saturday...

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    Then I guess you are the Mistress of Ceremonies. You need to talk with the couple and see what they want - how can we help you without knowing every little detail and all the people involved???

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    I believe you mean to introduce the couple and party as they enter the reception. I thought the dj usually does this.

    Get all their names and pronounce them correctly. Good Luck

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    Uh, you should have begun this way before now, or you friend should have asked you earlier. You will have to wing it.

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