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witch are cooler the Beatles or the Monkees?

and what is your favorite of thier songs?

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    the Monkees where just an accident,a mishap if you will.the Beatles on the other hand were great song writers and good musicians.back in the USSR, yesterday (the list is long I'll leave it at that.

  • 1.)Who's Cooler?:

    A.) The Beatles.

    2.) What is your favorite of thier songs?:

    A.) The Beatles: "I Am The Walrus".

    The Monkees: "Daydream Believer".

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    Of course the Beatles! Music today would be nothing near to what it is without them. They had talent beyond belief, charsima, and more talent. They made it from nothing to stardom on their own power. They looooved writing and composing music. The Monkees were just a theme band who copied in the tradition of the Beatles because it was hip at the time. In fact, the Monkees didn't write any of their songs that I know of - their whole gig was a set up.

    The two aren't even in the same category! The Beatles have hundreds of songs as well. And I have a different favourite every time I listen.

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    There really is no comparison. The Beatles are arguably the best band of all time and extremely gifted musically and vocally. Don't get me wrong as I like the Monkees too and a lot of their songs. My favorite Beatles song is Hey Jude and my favorite Monkees song is Not Your Stepping Stone.

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    You've got to be kidding me....the Monkees were a manufactured band created by a record company (like the Spice girls, Backstreet boys, N'Sync, Pussycat dolls).....the Beatles were an actual band in the artistic sense, they weren't just pretty marketing gimmicks.

    the Beatles were arguably the most important and influential band of all time, while the monkees were pretty much just fluff.

    The beatles created some of the greatest albums ever, namely 'Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band,' 'Revolver,' 'The White Album,' and 'Abbey Road'......just try to name an important Monkees album.

    So please, enough with the stupid questions. Comparing the Monkees to a band as great as the Beatles is like comparing a Civic to a Bentley.

    Favorite song.. either 'Come together' or 'HelloGoodbye' or 'Hey Jude'

    The monkees weren't bad with "Daydream believer" either, but I doubt they wrote it.

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    That is a tough one. I love the Beatles and they were just naturally cool, but I always go for the underdog. The Monkees definitely had their strengths. So, since the question has been poised, I will have to go with the Monkees. As for my favorite songs, I really enjoy most of them, just like I do with the Beatles.

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    The Beatles. the Monkees were created just for TV. My favorite Beatles's song is "Can't Buy me Love".My favorite Monkees song is the one that I haven't heard yet. "Take the Last Train to Clarksville" is okay

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    As a younger brother, I got second pick, so I got the Monkees as my favorite group - but I feel like I made out better. The Beatles made an okay movie, but "Head" is every bit as good as "Help" - and the Monkees' TV show was far and away better than the Beatles' animated attempt. Favoirite song? Maybe "Auntie Grizelda" - just because Peter plays banjo on it. Try listening to them sometime without the irony - it can be freeing.

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    I like all of their songs... But my absolute favs are Twist N Shout, Good Day Sunshine, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart's Club band (both versions), Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, Getting Better, and When I'm 64.

    Source(s): Um... my life?
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    Beatles are way better...but i did enjoy the show the Monkees.....

    i like all of their songs

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