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Law & Order '06?

Why are they moving Law & Order from Wednesday night to Friday night? I thought they only give Friday night to shows that have low ratings.

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    Criminal Intent IS moving to Fridays, NOT the parent show!

    NBC bid for and won the right to televise the Sunday night games that ESPN lost in the process of gaining Monday Night Football.

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    They did it to make way for all the new shows NBC has coming on.

    I think Friday's @ 10 is perfect for Law&Order. I'm going to start watching it again!

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    I don't know... i haven't really liked the show lately. I am so sad that Jerry Orbach is dead...the show hasn't been the same. I think they need to bring Angie Harmon back. She was hands down the best ADA...

    i would also love to have a love interest for Jessie Martin (i would love to play that role) Perhaps she can be the new ADA

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    That's what I thought, too. The X-Files used to be on Friday nights, too, but it was quite popular for most of its run.

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    I don't know. It could be that CBS has a killer line up on Wed.

    with Criminal Intent and CSI New York.

    CBS also has a killer lineup on Tues. and Thurs.

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