Where can I buy a replacement Cingular cell phone without a new contract?

Cellphone was stolen and we didn't have it insured. We aren't "eligible" for an upgrade till 7/07. Where can I find just a plain phone without a camera that won't cost us $150 or more. And if I get one will they (cingular) activate it and let me use it with my existing contract? We just need something for my husband to use while at work or out hunting.


****How can I put my SIM card into another phone when the phone it was in was stolen????

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    Ebay is great because you can search by carrier, but their auctions can get pretty pricey. I got a razr on craigslist.org for $80! ebay had them all over $200. craigs list is all local listings depending on where you live it's probably the best place.

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    go to Wal Mart and buy a Go-phone. Take the SIM card out of your current phone and put it in the new phone. Cingular is the service provider for Go-phones, and they no longer track the phone that you use, but the SIM card. So by putting the SIM card in the new phone, your service will transfer to the new phone.

    and FYI, most insurance companies offer a cell phone insurance for MUCH less than Cingular offers it for. I think Farm Bureau's is like $25 a year or something, instead of Cingular's monthly fee of what...$5?

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    Ask around, your friends or family if they have an old phone that you can activate. Your SIM car is going to cost a bit. You may also ask a Cingular dealer if they have any old phones that you can get at a good price, again your SIM card is what is going to get you.

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    My hubby just dropped his out of his truck and ran over it, but the sim card was not damaged so we were able to put that in another phone and use it. I called the Cingular store and the guy there told me that we could just get one of the pre-paid phones and put the sim card in it.But not to tell any one he said that!LOL

    We had ours covered for accidental damage, but dropping it and running it over is not considered accidental damage.

    Have you tried calling Cingular and asking them, about getting a new phone with out extending your contract? I would call a local store, as opposed to calling the customer service number.

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  • 4 years ago

    we surely did this 2 weeks in the past. you ought to call Cingular and spot in case you could improve or no longer. To get the improve you ought to renew your settlement for 2 greater years. the main suitable place to enhance your telephone is Walmart (have self belief it or no longer). I in simple terms upgraded mine to the LG 500, which has a geared up in mp3 participant, video, and appropriate pictures for like $38. in case you conflict by Cingular you will ought to look ahead to the rebate to come back interior the mail 6-8 weeks later.

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    I bought my cellphone at ebay and it cost me $115 including S&H.You can choose any unit u like. Just make sure the phone is unluck and compatible to cingular.

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    My sister found a great deal on a phone on ebay.Just transfer your sims card and as long as you saved all your contacts to the card they will transfer too.I have used a go phone to replace one my husband dropped at work.

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    http://www.tigerdirect.com/ They sell Unlocked GSM Phones, pop in your current sim card and your good to go.

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