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It's time for me to get my Great Lengths hair extenstions out. How much is this going to damage my hair?

The back pieces have started to clump together and looks a little "dready". I'm nervous! I love my extensions though and will probably get them again but want to see what the condition of my hair is.

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    it truly depends on how long they were in because a week or two want hurt but anything over a month you really need to be care-full, it will start to lock up, like dread locks.

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    I never had them but have seen alot my friend is a beautician he does them all the time from what i see they look a little flaky so i would get them put right back on lol good luck

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    If you could send me a picture of your hair i could give you a more helpful answer. Hell, my hair is curly and down to my shoulders and all the girls are like "Oh, my god! He needs to cut his hair"

    If you need more help, e-mail me.


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    it will damage it a lot i suppose, ive seen some really sad looking extensions, i dont understand why anyone does that.

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