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Any products or Shampoo that can make my hair straight wihtout damaging my hair!?!?

Please i need something for my hair with out damaging. my hair is so wavy!!!Shampoo, conditioner, gel, ANYTHING! lol

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    I use that Sunsilk stuff--the straight kind is purple. You should get the bottle of cream too [along with the shampoo and conditioner] it works for me, but I also straighten it afterwards, it works with blow-drying but your hair will be frizzy for a while because of the heat [unless you have one that blows cold air too like mine] good luck!

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    Uhhh haha sorry no, you'll have to straighten it or get it straightened someplace or etc. But I know Garnier Fructis and other companies have products that make hair look sleeker and look straighter. And they add shine and strength. To increase the power of the products use the entire line (not all at once), but use shampoo, conditioner, a mask if its damaged, and then one or two styling products depending on what you what to achieve. Look especially for products that protect the hair while you're straighening it, because the heat can damage it, so put a special balm or gel on before you use the iron. Look online on the major hair product websites like pantene pro-v, garnier fructis, herbal essences and stuff to find some good ones.

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    Make sure you trim off the split ends. I'm going to include step by step what I used from pantene - and it WORKED on my hair - granted it took a few days for the product to really start affecting my hair but the results are AWESOME.


    Before getting into the shower, gently brush or finger-comb your hair to loosen up tangles and residue.

    Wet hair and pour a small amount of Pantene Smooth & Sleek Shampoo into your palm.

    Rub your hands together and gently massage into the roots using the tips of your fingers. (Careful! Vigorous rubbing can cause strands to break.)

    If you wear makeup, pay special attention to the hairline.

    Rinse thoroughly with warm water to remove all of the shampoo.


    Conditioning is key to creating shine and preserving hair health.

    After shampooing, carefully remove excess moisture by squeezing your hair with a towel. (Be gentle. Rubbing and twisting with a towel can break the hair.)

    Squeeze a small blob of Pantene Smooth & Sleek Complete Therapy Conditioner on your palm and spread it over your hands, then apply it to your hair.

    For super shine, condition the entire strand, starting at the roots.

    For volume, condition only the middle and ends of your hair, where it's most susceptible to damage.


    It's easier to apply styling products to hair that's just damp, so towel off first.

    Squeeze a palmful of Pantene Get It Straight Gel or Smooth Down Frizz Control Smoothing Crème into your hands and rub them together.

    Distribute the styling formula evenly by "clapping" sections of hair between your flat hands and gently pulling downward.


    Use the hot setting on all of your hair to accelerate the drying.

    When hair is about half dry divide it into sections so you can concentrate the blow dryer and brush on one area.

    Use clips to divide the top front and sides, then blow-dry them one at a time using a flat brush (smaller bristles work best). Once the top and sides are finished, you can move to the back.

    A flat paddle brush works best. Its wide surface area spreads hair out and keeps it taut, which aids in the straightening process.

    Follow the brush with the blow dryer, keeping the blow dryer about five inches away from the hair.

    Too much heat can cause damage. Once hair is mostly dry, reduce the heat and add a nozzle. Start from the roots and follow the brush down, keeping the hair taut but not stretched too tightly. The cooler air locks in the style you want.

    Set Your Style

    A generous spritz of Pantene Stay Smooth Hairspray Flexible Hold will keep your smooth look in place for hours.

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    Try ION straightening shampoo and conditioner. They sell it at sally. It works REALLY GOOD and doesn't cause any damage

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    wear the product that you always use. Make sure that the shampoo has proteins.

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