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what is the song the freshman about by the verve pipe? people say its depressing?

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    I think it's about (if I recall correctly) that he's singing about a relationship that had gone bad and the girl commits suicide...

    "Best friend took a week's vacation to forget her, his girl took a week's worth of Valium and slept... now he's guilt-stricken sobbing with his head on the floor, thinking 'bout now and how he never really wept"

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    The Verve Pipe's lead singer, Brian Vander Ark, wrote this about his ex-girlfriend getting an abortion. In the second verse, his girlfriend overdoses on Valium to commit suicide, but this part never happened and was made up by Vander Ark.

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    The song is about the writer thinking back to when he was a freshman in college. He was pretty sure he had life all figured out ("When I was young and knew everything" as most of us do at 18) but these real world problems keep creeping in to his world. These situations, while intense, seem larger than life at the time, but now as he's reflecting on that period, he's not sure why those problems affected him so strongly; "for the life of me I cannot believe we'd ever die for these sins; we were merely freshmen".

    Basically it's saying that situations (like a breakup for example) seem totally earth-shattering when we're younger, but as we age and mature, we better equipped to deal with these things. Sure they still suck, but our lives aren't over everytime something goes wrong.

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    I heard that it was about this girl who wanted to be in their band, but they wouldn't let her and so she committed suicide. I heard that a long time ago, though, and I don't know if it's the absolute truth. Just what I heard.

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    Love & Suicide

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    I dunno. I never heard it but someone told me it's pretty funny.

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