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Learning Programming?

I'm going to major in computer science, but i have little experience in Programming, i just want some advice and possible websites/ material for a novice like me!

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    you might look up some sites on HTML= Hyper Text Markup Language--the code that websites and programs are based on. Just type it into your search bar or go to your local library.

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    There are a lot of good ones, I would browse through because they are the leaders. As stated above my post they offer a lot of free development tools on their site as well as help. Once you get going and get more comfortable with coding, if it seems to be right for you, remember to come back to Microsoft and look again for links to coding sections, you might get to join some of the groups and who knows may become the next coder for a future Windows, or Word program.

    To learn more and for more links to some of the books you might need, I would start in the learning area of Microsoft. Find the kind of coding you are going to be doing. ie: C++, or VB and look for training links also.

    I would start here:

    And I would be patient and search through the links to see what you can use, also save pages to you favorites so you can go back quickly. Hope this helped.

    Source(s): 4 years of college, and hating coding. Only way I made it through was with help I got here.
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    Go to a bookstore or online and read up on JAVA or C or Basic languages. Java being free you can just download it and use it. There are plenty of help available online. Once you write and compile one then you will get more idea which one is better. Java is really hot one at this point and so is .NET.

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    Get a free dev environment here.

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    For basic syntax, is my favorite. It has the ABC of almost every popular language that you will need in today's market.

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    choose a language and start coding it helps

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