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A blue screen keeps popping up on my computer and making it restart. Also keeping getting registry problems?

Pop ups say something about registry problems...can't use limewire without the blue screen coming on, but it shuts off before I can even read what it says.


Blue screen comes on when I start limewire but it restarts my computer before I can read what it says. Didn't happen until I had to setup my wireless internet AGAIN! Had it set up once and everything was fine but I lost it somehow and now this happens after I had to set it back up...

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    The blue screen, called the Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) indicates a serious system problem, it can be software or hardware. Editing the registry is extremely difficult and should ONLY be undertaken by someone with serious technical expertise. Open Start>All Programs>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Event Viewer. There are three logs listed, Application, Security and System, look at those and see if there are any error messages that occur just before or after the BSOD. The numerical code in such message will help identify the problem. It could easily be the RAM or memory, make sure you have the right kind and combinations. And yes, please get rid of Limewire, its a real problem. Unless you are an advanced user you should probably get some technical help with this problem. Good Luck

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    Probably because Limewire is a horrible program for Windows. It may be great at downloading things, but it really puts some bugs on your system....try NOT using limewire, because I'd rather have a functioning computer than the latest update in my music library.

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    I just fixed that problem on mine. Search for AdAware (made by lavasoft) and remove all spyware from your computer. Second, get an antivirus program (not one from limewire) and scan your whole computer. Last, if both of those don't work, replace your RAM. Thats what I had to do. If you have 2 chips, take out one and see if it acts up again. If its fine, switch it with the other. Hopefully only one chip is bad. My 512 Mb chip just broke down the other day.

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    Uninstall limewire and see if it happens again. If it doesnt, then clean out all temp folders, temp internet folders, and do a "search" for Limewire on hard drive, delete all that are found. Also go to "start--->Run---> type in regedit", do a search for limewire in registry and delete what it finds. reboot and then reinstall limewire

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    Just had the same problem. PC keeps restarting.. Had it checked out .. Hard drive was ruined, Had to replace the PC.

    Others I know had the same problem about the same time.

    believed to be a virus.

  • JJcD
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    get eusing free registry cleaner and it migt fix ur prob.

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    this happen with me before , it's motherbord problem , but before that you can make defrag & shampo you pc .... any how i hope it will solve your problem.

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    *cough* virus *cough cough*

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