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Thinkers only- be honest with yourself: On a 10 scale, how much of your job is immoral?

Meaning, 10 you kill other people and 0 you totally help other people.

A number will suffice. But if you want to get descriptive of your thought process- i'm interested.

PS- i'm talking about morality as in how ones behavior affects others.

So, like, if i were to work in a kitchen (which i do) i help people by feeding them. But i also use a lot of water and produse garbage, both of which affect future generations. And eating out is a bit of a luxury, which people pay relatively more for than a simple meal so people have to work more to earn the money to go out to eat which means their job is a factor in my work. Meaning what they do to earn the money to eat in the restaurant i work in factors into my job. Like if people are spending money in the restaurant that they earned by...

So i'd give myself like a 3

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    9 - I'm a soldier in the Army, deployed in a combat zone, I am trained to kill. Aside from killing, I also waste a lot of gas by driving patrols all day, yelling at little kids who want candy from me, and using a lot of resources including uniforms, food, water, etc. That would give me a rating of 10. However, to justify it as 9, as this job is the most necessary evil in the world. Despite the fact that I am trained to kill, I save lives too. I prevent many more people from being killed than people I killed myself. I am a defender of peace, keeper of freedom, protector of life. I am doing a job many people do not want to do, but there are millions like me from all over the world. We kill each other so civillians dont' have to get killed, therefore saving lives.

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    I'd score that a little closer to a 1, myself.. what other people do to earn their money is nothing to do with you.. they may be 9's or 10's on the scale, but, you're not out there helping them do it, and, people are going to do what they feel they need to do so that they can have luxuries.

    I'd go for about a 0 to 1.2 myself, cause I'm no longer working, but, I do volunteer work, with adult literacy, and, I'm a disabled veteran.

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    Well... I work for an Army contractor, repairing vehicles that are used in training. They aren't exactly training for the Olympics yanno... so I'd give myself a 7... I guess. The work I do has never directly killed anyone, but if I were to massively fail at my job, it could.

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    My company helps people sell their products. We don't allow ads for guns or gun products, unless it's something that keeps guns out of childrens hands, like a gun locker... So that is very good.. but we allow for gay ads, which is a "sin" and considered evil... I personally don't think that sexual preference is evil, so I'd put my company at 3 because I would say that it is not evil, but we don't save the world... I would put it at 5 and say we are neutral, but the guns thing bumps it up to 3, because it shows the company has morals.

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    2 I have worked with kids and adults with handicaps for my work life and in high school . i hope i help them learn to be their best self and do for them selfs .Right now I work helping getting the teenagers jobs when they graduate .

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