How does the postal service know that you want to send mail if your mailbox is not equipped w/ a red flag?

I don't have a flag in my mailbox. One day I stuck some mail in that I wanted to be sent out, but my mail carrier (not sure of the correct title) didn't take it. Uhm, help. Am I stuck driving to a drop off box to send my mail?

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    Nowadays, it is dangerous to leave the red flag up, because mail thieves view that as an invitation to steal. Most mail carriers will now glance in the mailbox to see if outgoing mail is there. This, unfortunately, is a sign of the times we live in. My recommendation, don't put up the red flag if you want to be somewhat safe in knowing that your mail will arrive at its destination.

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    do not provide to organisation districts on Saturday. perhaps in ny there are predominately Jewish zip codes that would not miss the mail on Saturdays both. In Detroit is there a predominantly Muslim community that ought to do devoid of Friday delivery? they ought to diminish lower back to 5 days a week, yet tailor the non delivery day to the community, that way, there'll be more beneficial performance. also if the provide days were staggered, postal automobiles ought to nonetheless be used 6 days a week fairly than in basic terms 5 so that they would not ought to purchase as many that can keep $ in the longer time period too. I do have Netflix so this makes Netflix a lot less valuable to me, also I receive the Economist mag and Bloomberg BusinessWeek mag, both arrive on Saturday now, will they pump out the topics swifter for fri. delivery or will I be waiting until eventually Monday?

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    The mail has to be positioned so that your LETTER CARRIER can see it as he/she is going by your mailbox. My customers usually leave one end of the envelope sticking out, with the box closed on it so it won't blow away.

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    Rig up something red that you can put up or down. The carrier is just following rules.

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    When you have outgoing just put a sign or note on the box.

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    well if the address is not to the current location.......and the post office stamps all mail that has passes through...

  • 1 decade ago

    Talk to your mail manor lady

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