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Which mayan ruin is better, Tulum or Chichen Itza?

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    Both are good. Chichen Itza is much more impressive but Tulum is much more accessible from Cancun.

    From Cancun, Tulum is 117 km and will take you about a 1/2 a day to see. For Tulum, figure on about 90 minutes each way driving and two hours at the ruins. Chichen Itza is a full day. It's about 240 km from Cancun so 2.5 hours drive and you'll need about the same amount of time to see even just the main sites.

    Tulum has a very nice setting on the beach but it is small and always busy. Most of the temples are roped off so you can look at them but not climb them.

    The Bus tours to both are great and very easy, your resort I'm sure will have people booking tours from there.

    It will be cheaper to rent a car if you can split that with another couple. The highways to both Tulum and Chichen Itza are new and modern. The road to Chichen Itza is a toll road and expensive ($17 USD last time I was on it) but it will be close to empty, nothing but you and the odd bus. It's very safe. A guide at Chichen Itza will cost you about $40 USD, they are worth it. I'm not sure about what a guide would cost at Tulum, likely about $15-$20. (It will be included if you go on a tour bus)

    If you rent a car to drive to Chichen Itza consider stopping at the ruins at EK Balam they are not as busy as Chichen Itza and there is some very well preserved stucco work at these ruins. They are north of Valladolid, off the same highway that takes you to Chichen Itza.


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    Chichen Itza of course.

    Tulum is a nice zone, in front of the ocean, one of the best ocean view in the caribean. But it's small, and it isn't too import if you want to learn about mayan culture.

    Chichen Itza is a very large archeological zone, the most visited in all the mayan world and it's considered as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It's a place very interesting to learn about mayan scientific development (astronomy, mathematics), customs (ball game), religion. Chichen Itza is located in the middle of the forrest, so you have a nice view from the top of the Castle (it is going to be closed in a few years, so hurry up) and you can see some times different kinds of birds. The light and sound show is fantastic.

    (I'm sorry if my english is not good)

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    They are both nice, it all depends on what you're looking for.

    Chichen Itza has been restored. It looks very much like it would have looked like when it was original. It is very touristy, and extremely crowded. It is also about 2 hours away from the coastal resorts, and is in the middle of the jungle. It is HOT. I can't stress enough how god-awful hot it is. But seeing the pyramids the way they would have been seen is amazing. Going here will take the entire day.

    Tulum has not been restored, and it is smaller. The ruins look like ruins. But it is on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The breeze from the ocean is nice and cool, and believe me my pictures of nicely restored Chichen Itza do not compare to my pictures of the ruins of Tulum with the ocean in the background. You can hire independent guides while you are there, and I highly recommend them. They offer so much insight and their stories are so in-depth that you'll forget you're looking at piles of rock. You'll spend a few hours here, and then you can go swimming in the ocean...the beach there is fabulous!

    All in all, I preferred Tulum.

    NEW: Tulum is on the lower portion of the Riveria Maya, about 2 hours south of Cancun (depending on how your driver drives, much less). Tour packages are often grouped with Xel-Ha, an amazing snorkling place.

    Chichen Itza is inland, about 2 hours west of Cancun. Tour packages usually stop at a cute coloniel village called Vallahoid. It is closer to Merida.

    Veracruz is on the Gulf. Tulum, Cancun, Chichen Itza are all on the Yucatan peninsula. They are not near each other, although Chichen Itza would be closer to Veracruz!

  • Buenos dias. If you really want to learn about the culture and history of the Maya, then go to Chichen Itza. It was one of the most important cities in the Mayan world.

    With it's setting on the Caribe, Tulum is muy bonita!! Saludos, Tim

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    Both are fascinating. If you are in Veracruz, go to Tulum. If you are in Cancun or Merida, check out Chichen Itza.

    Personally, I think Chichen Itza is better.

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    chicken itza best to see lots of ruins tulum is some what a different arcture on a cliff over looking the caribe. huts and camp ground close on the beach. i stayed a year

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    I liked Tulum a lot

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