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Why does it keep changing accounts??

I opened a second Answers account on my computer for my wife to use (no we don't point-game). When I am in my account (this one) everything works fine, but when she's in her account every 4 or 5 pages it automatically returns to my account. It doesn't ask to log in or anything it's just automatically back in my account from one page to the next. What can I do to keep Yahoo signed in to the account we want to use?


No there's only one signed in at any given time. It just switches between them at random every few pages. It just switched over to hers from my account so it goes both ways now.

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    The same thing happens to me. It's very annoying I know! I've found no cure yet and Yahoo won't respond.

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    Do you have your yahoo account signed in at the same time? Yahoo only allows one account singed in at a time per computer. Maybe yours is a default. Hope this helps!

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