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Do any sperm donors inseminate naturally, via intercourse?

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    yes some men donate their sperm cells naturally via sexual intercourse and that's considered "special stud service" compared to the usual anonymous artificial insemination. cheers!

  • The reality is that almost 99% percent of sperm donations in the sense of a women needing sperm to get pregnant without the romantic involvement of a man is done via a sperm bank.

    But...that being said I've seen some posts on where people are looking for sperm donors and want the intercourse to go with it for 'natural' reasons...usually some hippie reasons or not wanting to pay the sperm banks high costs ;)

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    laughs, yes, but, we call them daddies..

    otherwise, for artificial insemination, if they go via intercourse, that's natural, and therefore, of course, not artificial..

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    are you serious

    and then clean out the woman or the codoms maybe


    they donate unnaturally by naturally masterbating into a bottle whilst watching porno movies

    their girl friends are waiting outside

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    do you wanted to donate sperm or intercourse?

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    dont think so

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