I have a four yr old boy who, like most any kid, wants to touch everything he sees when we go to someone?

else's house. I always tell him to stop but why is it that everyone always says, "No, that's OK"? Then I feel if I say no again they are going to think I am being mean or I have to sit there the whole time watching to make sure he doesn't break anything. So, why do people always have to butt in and basically say let them do whatever they want? Even tho it's there house they should respect that you want your child to behave and keep their hands to themselves.


I do let my son bring toys in to people's houses so that he will have something to distract him but other people's things just seem so much more interesting, lol.

I guess I will try to just tell people that I would rather he not touch their things.

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    I would be the exception.

    I would never say, "No, that's okay,"

    if someone's child was touching my things.

    I don't know why people say that anyways,

    because they don't mean it.

    If you feel the need to discipline your child,

    then do so, regardless of what people may say.

    Good manners and discipline are never out of date.

    Good for you for teaching your child how to conduct himself appropriately in public. ;-) Would be nice if more parents felt the same as you do, and followed suit.

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    Maybe the best way to solve this is to teach your child not to touch things somewhere where other people won't say anything. Maybe try going to an interior design store where there are lots of colorfully things that your son would be drawn to. Then explain to him that you don't want him to touch anything because its not his to touch. When he reaches for, or touches something remind him of your warning. Eventually he should learn. When you do go to someone else's place, before you arrive, remind him again not to touch other peoples things. And if he does touch something, just continue to remind him that it is not his to touch. Eventually he will learn not to touch things without permission, and you won't be annoyed with other people allowing your child to behave differently than what you've taught him.

    Good Luck

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    Its not being mean at all. Its good to teach them to have respect for other people and other people items. Also tell them that you are trying to teach him to respect stuff that doesn't belong to him. People usually say that stuff to be polite and don't really mind because he is just a little kid and hands on stuff is a good way to learn. Have you tried to bring him toys and stuff so he wont be tempted to touch stuff.

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    Most people say, "No, that's Ok" out of respect to other people so they don't feel that they can't bring their kids with. Tell them, "Thank you for the respect but Im trying to teach my child respect for people and their belongings". Hopefully they will understand.

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    well kids do not likt to listen to NO AHHHHHHHHHH or UTTTTT and i would suggest tapping their hands to teach him not to touch and when you tell him you will smack his patties then he will know mom means what she says. Sometime we parents need a lil fear in our kids shoot even we fear god because of his mighty hand might smit us. There is a good way to disaplin and a bad way just do it the right way good luck!!!

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    hmm..i understand...i have no child, but i got sisters and friends that do, you know some of your friends have thier advantage and some dont, if your kids break there things...its you thats payin, not them..so maybe they dont care much..or they are just too sincere^^..you can try to tell them that you are trying to teach well to your child.

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    Keep him away from Michael Jackson.

  • 1 decade ago

    beat them....it'll teach them disipline.....

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