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How do you change the picture with the happy face next to your question to anything you want?

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    -Click your name in the top left hand corner where you level and you points are. (don't click it beside a question or answer because it will bring you to a public view)

    -Go down to the end of your info before you get to your questions.

    -Click "Edit My Info"

    -Below the option for you name click the avatar option which is at the far right.

    -Click "Edit My Yahoo! Avatar" if you do not have one selected

    -Customize your avatar to your preferences.

    -When completed hit save on the left hand side below the finished avatar

    -When you are done saving go back to you page and click on the bullet designated for you avatar.

    -When done go down to the bottom and hit "Preview"

    -Hit "OK" and you're done

    For a real picture you must first get a Yahoo! 360 account and upload pictures through there.

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    One way to use a picture is to make sure it is in an accessible format such as jpeg. Then, with your 360 account, you can upload your picture and that is the one which will appear for Yahoo! Answers. One caution, be sure the original jpeg file is not excessively large or it does not work. Then,proceed as below.

    1.Move it to your Yahoo 360 acct (very easy to open since you're already using Yahoo) and designate it as your main pic. Then, in YAnswers, click on MyQ&A, edit my info, and then you can choose it as your pic there, too.

    2. Go to your Q&A page and edit your info. You will be given the option to choose your photo that you upload.

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