A 400 kg car goes 100 meters up a hill inclined at 13degrees in 25 seconds.How high is the hill?How much work?

was done by the car engine?What is the potential energy at the top of the hill?If the brakes fail and it coasts from rest back down the hill,what will its velocity be at the bottom of the hill?What was the power of the engine as the car went up the hill?

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    Okay, the height H is:

    H/sin13=100 meters

    H=100sin13 meters

    Work A:

    A=mgH, where m is mass of car and H is height of hill

    Potential energy


    Velocity v at bottom of the hill




    Power N of engine


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    Too much work for me at this time of night. Its 3:27 a.m. here in England.

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