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Strip or bellydance????????

im 17 and part egyption and part french and part irani and part iraqi which one should i be?


Not for money, for fun... lol

Update 2:

after reading so far, i think bellydancing is better for me. thnx

Update 3:

Im going to college for a degree in french and computer engineering but dancing just for fun, and no im not a whore!

Update 4:


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    i don't think i completely understand what your dilemna is , is it identity? you are all those things embrace all those aspects of you because basically there is noone else exactly like you . learn what you can from each culture and I believe it will help you begin to understand yourself and world views you

    ok so i read your question again is the problem u don't know whether or not to be a stripper or belly dancer or that u don't know which race to be?

    i think bellydancing is a safer option , i think stripping has a bad connotation and not something i look highly upon plus i don't know where you live but minors aren't allowed to have that as their profession anyways may look like easy money at first but youll eventually get stuck stripping and only stripping . Plus drugs and hiv are out there so be careful

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    Well stripping isn't really an art it's basically selling your body for money. Bellydancing takes real skill and technique. If your looking to learn how to dance take bellydancing. If your just looking for a new way to take your clothes off do stripping. I don't think it has anything to do with your ethnic background although if your familiar with arabic or arabic music you may have a slight advantage of not having to aquint yourself with it and understand it. If your just going to do it at home why not pick something that can still be done infront of family members. I doubt you would strip for your mom and dad but you might play around with bellydance in front of them. If you wouldn't let your parents see you do it don't do it. If you would like more information about bellydance than please visit my site

    and/or shira's site

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    Well. Both are great workouts :) Bellydancing is great for the abs and very hard and in fact when learning to strip you use a lot of Belly Dance Techniques.

    Just because you learn how to "strip" doesn't make you a strip or mean you have to go to a strip club and strip (lmao) Just learning the seductiveness that is apart of both Belly dancing and a Strip Tease is not a bad thing. I would start with Bellydancing and learn striptease if you want just for fun.

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    I think bellydancing would be so much fun. You could also teach it for some money. I have seen bellydancing instructional videos on the tv, and i would love to find a studio that offers it. (But if you were to strip wait till your'll make much more money that way)

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    bellydancing is safer and more fun! please honey dont b a stripper i seen it happen, sorta, and it will change you! all you will b worried about is money after awhile. There are to many side affects to being a stripper and A TON more dangerous reasons not to b. Go for the bellydancing, although if you learn how to hula, it is more.... well never mind i hula and it is awsome almost the same but now, have fun bellydancing, and b very carefull if you decide to b a stripper! take care!

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    if you need the money then do striping but if you don't just do bellydancing because you can get much more exercise thru that and it is more of a dance than stripping and bellydancing can be both for family and for your boyfriend but stripping is not appropriate for any place

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    Well you already said it Belly Dancing is more for you. I agree on that its more classier. And stripping, I don't see the point. You don't do anything for you body and your only 17. So try Belly Dancing, im sure you will be glad you picked it.

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    what a great have cost ( Egyptian, french, Iranian and Iraqi ) u are sexy by birth u will demolish the rest bellydance for public

    stripties for Private bf

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    You are seventeen, no stripping honey. And belly dancing is very sexy, what are you after? Be real. Take a look at this situation. I say get a job with people who care about YOU...

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    if you can find a good class -- definitely bellydance. it's fun and its good for you..... i did it in my 30s just for fun.

    you are young and carefree and should experience things that don't exploit you -- bellydancing allows you to be a woman, and in control of all -- it's very liberating. and it's very non-judgemental -- any bodytype can do it and look good

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