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How often do you have visitors in your home?

Either friends and family you've invited or people who just drop by?


I asked because my family rarely has visitors. I usually meet my friends at a park or something - so our kids can play. We do invite people over 3-4 times a year. We go all out and cook tons of food. Sometimes I think I'd like to have more visitors.

None of my family lives close by.

I was just curious what other people do. :)

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    about weekly

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    I personnally dont have that many visitors mabey occasionally have a friend pop in but that might be every couple of weeks, my partner however has a mate drop in at least every 2nd day. mind you i dont go out much i work during the week and when i finish i just want to go home and be left alone and only sometimes will i take my son to play with a friend other wise we find things to do round the house and kids just love helping with house work.

    My family is bout 1/2 hr drive from me and they run their own business so they dont have a lot of time to visit either i try and visit them once a week

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    Not very often. Most of my family, and my husbands family, think they are too busy to stop and see us. They think just because we don't have children it is easier for us to come see them. I would understand if they had younger children, but I think the youngest is like 7. Sorry to go into all that....but no we don't get many visitors.

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    Nobody drops by because they know they won't get in. LOL

    We invite people over every so often & 3X's a year we pull out all the stops have have a big party or cookout depending on the season.

    Why did you ask this question?

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  • kny390
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    Invited guests about once a month. People who just drop by, almost every week.

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    A couple of times a week. Every Tuesday night a couple of my chums meet me here and we go out to a meeting. Then my grandchildren usually come down to see their Papa a couple of times a week also.

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  • 'Barn
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    3 times a week.

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    The only people we (my husband and children and I) invite here are my two nephews. Everyone else is just drop ins.

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    almost every day, literally. usually its my cousins who live literally just right across the road from us, or my aunt ana, who lives literally just down the road from us. i;ve always got my two border collies to keep me company, though they always seem to communicate with my aunt's dog whenever he comes over... both my border collies are females, one's a pup. and on any other day they communicate with my cousin's dog from across the road. my pup is very fond of my aunt's dog from down the road. he's still a pup too. the best times are when im home alone. i get to spend more time with my dogs.

  • Mama R
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    We're very anti-social. About once every 6 months.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Seriously, at least 5 times a week. What can I say? I'm loved by my friends. :)

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