i am thinking of tutoring children, how much should i charge per hour?

- i am thinking of tutoring preschool or gradeschool children

- i am a college student majoring in business in marketing.

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    I am a 2nd Grade teacher now. The first year I taught, I was a substitute, and a tutor. I went to a 3rd graders home once or twice a week for math tutoring. I charged $20 an hour. The parents willingly paid it. A few times, due to scheduling conflicts, we both just stayed afterschool and I tutored her in my classroom, that way mom came and picked her up, and I didn't have to make a trip out to her house and then back home since I lived in the opposite direction. The price was still $20. There were fewer distractions also, no dog, no tv in the other room, etc. I think $20 is reasonable and would be worth your time and the parents/students time. That is how much our school pays hired tutors an hour as well.

    Be advised, if you aren't a teacher, don't work in a school, and don't have teaching credentials, parents are not going to be as willing to hire you, or as willing to pay as much as they would for a licensed teacher. They may want a background check also.

    There isn't much tutoring that goes along with Preschool and kindergarten. Most parents won't hire tutors for young children like that. You will find the most market grades 2 and up, especially older elementary grades (4th-6th, junior high and high school...) because math is getting too hard for parents to help their kids, etc.

    Good luck.

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    someplace between what childcare ought to fee for those 30 hours per week and what deepest faculties charge the position you stay. I agree that credentials will make a huge difference, too. yet i don't believe of you are able to charge a common tutoring fee, the reason being that tutoring expenditures are as extreme as they're to make up for the actual undeniable reality that maximum persons can not have 30 hours per week with a unmarried student and are continuously having to fill areas and nevertheless make adequate money at the same time as there are empty areas. Charging even $20/hour ought to recommend charging $six hundred per week, form of $2400/month and considering the fact that maximum faculties seem on the point of 10 months a year now, that'd be $24000 a year. purely someone extremely nicely off ought to even evaluate that.

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    tutor older kids, in need of passing classes or national exams. If you can tutor math you could charge at least 20 bucks an hour, if not more. Actually, charge em 30 if you go to their house.

    Know what you are doing. Also, contact local schools and tell them you would tutor if parents want a private tutor.

    Good luck

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    When I was in high school I had to get a tutor for algebra II. The man was a teacher at the school, I went to his house and he charged $30/hr.

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    You really should change your price according to the child. Depending on the parent's financial situation, you can charge more or less.

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    i think you should charge $5.30 an hour

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