What Is Up With Her?

There's this girl at my local bank.In the past, she winked at me once and I think has stared at me. She gave me her email address but she does not check it often cuz she does not have a laptop.She did me a favor by helping me get a job.I kept telling her I owe her one like the two of us going out and she kept saying "Oh no you don't that is ok,hehehe,no you don't that is ok,take care".

I thought she might have been interested or liked me,but I guess I was dead wrong.I cannot be rude to her next time I see her,but I feel like not speaking to her.What should I do?

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    wave, smile, nod, and walk away...

    Communicate silently... never open your mouth... Stay out of her way, completely

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  • 1 decade ago

    Are u sure she dose not like u? Well if she dose not like then she must have gave u the wrong signs. I know u are mad I would be to but u should forgive her. or u could just ask her whats up. If she did play u on purpuse then i would stop talking to her.

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