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what age should I let my son date?

when does a child who are in the preteen get to date? our son has a girl who he likes alot! Could it be puppy love?or more?can you help!

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    supervision. let him go and have fun with a responsible chaperone. give him his space, but make sure he keeps some space between he and his date, you know what i mean?

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    16 is a good age to start.

    however it really comes down to how much you trust him, how mature he is and whether or not he's ready to "date." the truth of the matter is you have to be thinking about him being sexually active. remember he will choose what he wants to do, you can only give him the tools to be prepared and hope he makes a good choice. you cant stop him.

    so, if you haven't had that "talk" about the "birds and the bees" this would be a good time to have that talk. feel him out see what he knows and what his intentions are. then go from there. its ultimately your decision to "when" would be a good age for him to start dating.

    just remember. hes growing up. dating is just another essential step in a child's development for the "real" world.

    good luck and i hope everything goes well. im sure he's a good kid and you have nothing to worry about. :)

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    you should let your son date when he is old enough to show respect and can pay for his dates him self if he wants this bad enough he will be more then willing to do extra chores mow yards rake leafs or what ever to make the money to do this put a time limit on these dates and let him know if he dis respects this girl his dating will be over until he is a adult ages very in children's maturity so i would say it depends on his maturity level teach him responsibilities while he is young yes this could be puppy love ask him his feeling for this girl also if you decide if this is OK he should go ask the parents of this girl if they mind this is part of the respect for her thank you for allowing me to give my opinion on this matter

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    As soon as the girl agree to go out with your son... Let it progress naturally, and guide him during the process. This is the way for a child to learn the growing up way.

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    Kelly gave an striking answer. that's some striking innovations coming from a individual who could be close to on your son's age. As such, it may not sound as "lame" as though it got here from a determine. As for females asking the adult adult males out, whats up, that's an indication of the circumstances. the regulations are distinctive now in that admire, yet classic courting morals for youngsters are nevertheless the thank you to pass. It sounds like there are nevertheless youngsters who understand that. I recommend letting him examine Kelly's answer and then think of of relaxing issues like that to do on your area, that he can recommend to the involved youthful female. She could have requested him to pass out, yet a gentleman ought to nevertheless have some innovations that he can recommend even as listening to her innovations. this could be an incredible way for him to get some prepare in conversing with the alternative intercourse, gaining knowledge of the thank you to plot a date, and choosing what to do. in the event that they make certain to pass along with her concept and feature relaxing with one yet another in a team placing then he can recommend the subsequent interest. in the event that they do what he shows this time, then practice him to permit her % the subsequent date interest. this could be an incredible step. My mom allowed me to pass out in blended communities (not solo dates) while i substitute into approximately 12 as long as there substitute right into a determine making use of-- not a super brother or an older teen. besides the undeniable fact that it relies upon lots on how mature YOUR baby is. some youngsters are not waiting till they are somewhat older; some are waiting at a youthful age.

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    He's a pre-teen? Would you let your daughter date, at that age?When he has a car and a job and doesn't need Mommy and Daddy to give him a ride or cash for the movie!!

    Really!! If he's responsible enough to have a job and make a car/insurance payment, then he's responsible enough to date.

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    my first date was at 16, but my parents had to sit in the theater a few rows behind us! now i have preteens, i 'm going through the same issue.

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    it all depends on the child and how mature he/she is.I was very mature and able to date at 13.i'd say a good age for the average kid is 15 or 16.

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    PRETEEN?????HELLO????? You are kidding, right? Thinking of letting your son date??? Have mercy...he has the rest of his life to do this...keep him a child.

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    Why not let him now when it is more innocent and there is less at stake? It might be good experience for when he starts to date post-puberty. Also, it might be a good idea to discuss with her parents and see if they are comfortable with them dating as well.

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    I think you should let him date if he likes a girl and she likes him. Just be sure you talk to him about it first and get your rules down.

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