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What do I need to be mental counselor?

I think I need to pass National Counselor Lisence. What else do I need?

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    Hi, I'm a LPC, licensed professional counselor in TN. And, yes, I hold the NCC (National Certified Counselor from the National Board of Certified Counselors). Each state has its own rules and most require certification, if not a license for that state. A Master's level degree in counseling is usually required and a set number of supervised hours. In my state there is an MHSP designation (Mental Health Specialist Provider) for those who want to work in a clinical setting and requires more hours of study and supervision. If you want to go the social work route you can become an LCSW and do therapy inpatient or in outpatient setting. There are some states that permit counseling of addiction, etc. with lesser degrees in some settings. You need to start first by going to your state's government site to find what their requirements are and talking with someone who already holds the type of position you are looking for. Going to the counselor education department of a college near you would also be helpful. Good luck.

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    you have to be a little bit crazy they all are, just remember not to self medicate those are the ones that end up suicidal.

    but seriously... you need a degree in the field talk to a counselor at a local school and they can tell you more. They make bank.

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    A degree in the field, at least a Masters in Mental Health Counseling--most states do not allow ppl., without a Phd. do perform therapy, but some states are changing laws, contact a pscyhology program, they have hte answers.l

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    You should be talking to a career counselor, not Yahoo Answers.

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    It varies state to state! Talk to a college counselor.

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    A college degree

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    you at least need a masters in clinical counseling, preferably a phd.

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    a brain and a crack pipe

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