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is shingles contagious even if there is no breakout? if so who can get it?

Is shingles highly contagious? What if the person is not broken out at the time and my face touches their face, would i still get it? What is shingles exactly? If they are broken out and my face touches their face would I get shingles?

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    its only really contagious if there is a breakout. shingles is caused by the chicken pox virus, and is always dormant in your body once you catch it. however you cant pass it on to other people unless you are having an outbreak. typically, shingles outbreaks happen when people are already sick or when they are having immune system problems (such as people with HIV)

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    Shingles is an outbreak of the same virus that caused chicken pox when you were little. It is not contagious. When we are young and get chicken pox, the virus eventually goes away and it stores itself deep inside a nerve and your immune system keeps it there like guards. When you get older, and your immune system gets low for some reason like stress or illness, the immune system can't keep it there, and it gets out. If it's truly shingles it is only on one side of your body and won't cross your spine or midline. It is not contagious because it's coming from within your own body, and other people have already been exposed and put it into remission. The only possibility is spreading it to a child that has never had chicken pox before

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    It can be contagious in the incubation period. That means that the period before the breakout it could be transmitted. Shingles is a very painful virus that you can get by being exposed to the chiken pox. Even if you have had the chicken pox, you can still get other viruses associated from it. Some examples are impetigo and infetigo. I do know that the incubation period for chicken pox is 14 days. Hope this helps!

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