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I want to invest my money and I have little knowledge but have the basics down.?

I am in high-school and want to invest my money before I have to pay taxes. I know most general stuff from school and friends but would like advice and tricks.

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    Yes you could learn invest by yourself. it is your money, you should know how to do with it. for starter check this site out.>.../ university. a lot amount of information. It will serve you well

    I accumulate in good amount in 401k at the young age.I could share with you. when consider invest in stock market. you should consider basic 3 things:

    fundamental analysis==(economic data,finincial health, management, business model, competetion)>>what to buy

    technical analysis==(chart+indicator)>> when to buy

    Sentiment/schycho analysis==>>mood of investor, Contrarian point of view.

    Market cycle===>> check out book Trader Almanac by jeff hirsch will give you inside stuff

    When you combine 3 thing, It is one of the powerful knowledge goinh with you for the rest of your live

    At the age of 32. my 401k is amassed 73,000.00 and 30000.00 in taxble account. by follow simple rule

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    First of all, Spend Not, Save a Lot! Saving is investing. After you make that a habit educate yourself by reading personal finance books. In your finances, definitively maximize your contributions to your 401 k plan (if you are military, work for a non-profit organization or you are a government employee you won't have a 401 k) since they grow tax deferred (is not tax free) it offers a great opportunity to get good money and lower your tax burden too.

    That's all I can say, but check these books out, they will be a great help:

    The Millionaire Next Door

    WSJ Personal Finance Guidebook

    Rich dad Poor Dad

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    Learn how to read a balance sheet, a form 10-Q, and 10K. See where the company's management is from and their experience. Make sure the P/E ratio is reasonable for revenue and number of employees, etc. Don't trust what the boards say. Seek long term value investments and start with your gut and what you like. For instance, if you like a new technology like the Blackberry or iPod, maybe others will too. Get in early and don't 'bet' what you can't afford to lose.

    Good luck.

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    I've written a few blog entries about this. Maybe you will find them helpful. It's mostly geared toward saving for retirement, but I think they apply in your case too. They detail what type of account to open and what types of things to invest in.

    Source(s): 14 years as an active investor.
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    Open a brokerage account at TD Ameritrade.

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    pay for that college education. put your money into cds/money market funds until youre ready to trade live. until then - research a lot. there are lots of sources online to help you understand all kinds of financial markets - foreign and domestic.

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