I need help with my wireless internet connection?

I recently inherited an HP Notebook computer from my brother and I have a Dell Desktop as well. I have a Linksys Wireless Router 2.4 and I have DSL for my Dell. How do I get my DSL and my wireless router work together? The DSL box has two internet plugs and the wireless has an internet plug and about four other plugs. I am so confused. Please help me.


Both computers run on Windows XP.

Update 2:

There is an Ethernet plug on the DSL Box and there is an internet plug on the Wireless Box.

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    OK...DSL modem connects to wireless router via Ethernet cable. Wireless Router is broadcasting SSID and should be encrypted. You can access the wireless router setup page from the Dell (see your router's instructions on setup, this is where you can assign the SSID and set up the encryption key.)

    On the HP notebook, run the program for wireless network connections. This should detect your routers SSID and prompt you for the encryption key. Check the wireless networking FAQ on dslreports.com for more info.

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    Use an Ethernet cable and plug one end into the DSL Modem (the "box"), and the other end into the Router... One of the 5 Jacks (plugs) in the router should be a different color, plug the Modem into that.

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    My guess is that the HP Notebook is probably using Windows 98 as its operating system, and your Dell is using XP. It is difficult to get the two working together I have learned from experience, so I am suggesting that as the reason you can't make it work. Is the HP worth upgrading to XP? You'll need 512 MB of RAM to do it.

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