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Is it wierd for a 27 year old to date a 15 year old?

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    i don't think there's nothing wring with it as long as she knows what she wants

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    Well it won`t be strange in about 20 years, when you 47 and she is 35 , just wait 20 years and you can start dating her with out people giving you funny looks or move to south africa it legal to date 15 years old girls when you are 27

  • Yes It is, A 27 year old has no business dating a 15 year old to begin with. 15 year old's are considered jailbait. 27 year old's, should date people closer to their own age. If a 27 year old has relations with a 15 year old, that person can be arrested for statutory rape.

    Source(s): Washington state laws, common sense knowledge
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    When I was 15, i would have thought it was cool to date someone that much older. Now that I am 27, I realize how weird the older guys who dated the teenagers were.

    So in a word... YES.

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  • It's not weird it's sick. If this 27 yr old can't find a woman his age... obviously there is something wrong with him. This person has serious issues. He wants someone who's young and control. It's a lose lose situation....not mentioning jail time.

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    Its done but very seldom because its not considered proper-an adult dating a minor. However if the minor ismature and has the parents permission and that sex will not happen til the minor reaches the age of consent in that particular state. Then is considerd ok by many but not all.

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    it's not only weird, it's wrong.... if you are the 27 yr old, try dating an adult... if you are the 15 year old... where are your parents? stick to school and quit worrying about the dating.... my goodness!

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    It's not just weird it's against the law....& the 27 year old is a pervert.

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    you already know the answer how would you feel if someone was 27 yrs old and dating your 15 yr old sister or brother you know it is wrong and you can go to jail good luck sicko

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    uh, yes. Wait until she's at least 18. It's very wierd, and I've dated guys ten years older when I was 17/18.

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    YES! Not only weird but likely to land you in jail! Break up and find yourself a sweetie who's over 21!

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