Rate my fantasy football team please!!!! =)?

This was an offline draft 14 team 14 round league that awarded one point per reception. I had the 7th pick.

QB- Marc Bulger, Philip Rivers

RB- Ronnie Brown, Brian Westbrook, Deuce Mcallister, Ahman Green

WR-Marvin Harrison, Darrell Jackson, Andre Johnson, Antonio Bryant

TE-Chris Cooley

K-David Akers

DEF-Dallas, Washington

I got a lot of injury concerns but hopefully everyone will stay healthy. I picked up Westbrook in the 3rd round, what a steal!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    not good to be frank.

    defense is terrible.

    chris cooley isnt quality.

    you WRs are terrible, save harrison

    QBs are ok

    RBs are good.

    Source(s): ive won 2 winners leagues in a row
  • 1 decade ago

    Ronnie Brown is a stud your very weak after that. I'll bet 2 of your other 3 WILL get hurt this year, RB's get beat up bad, even healthy RB's go on the DL. Your receiving core isn't that bad and is probably your strength. Andre Johnson will be good since Dominick is out and Andre is primed this year. Your TE is ok, kicker is above average not the best like previous poster, defense is above average, Rivers is a big risk and Bulger is above average.

    My grading on a 1-10 scale 1 being worst 10 being best

    QB 7.5

    RB 7

    WR 9

    TE 7.5

    K 7

    Def 7

    My recommendation trade one of WR either Jackson or Johnson and a RB other then Ronnie Brown and get a better RB. Ahman will either get hurt or lose his job by week 5 same with Deuce mccallister, westbrook is super prone to getting hurt although you'll get tons of points for receptions. I'd recommend trading ahman since fantasy experts are high up on him because of packers schedule, but they forget he can't hold onto the football and he's been declining every year.

  • 1 decade ago

    Alot of people had your defense ranked in the top 5-10 but after the 41 pt thrashing they took the other day from the pats, they look very suspect.

    QB not sure the rams are going to be quite the passing team they used to be, but he is a decent QB

    RB solid

    WR pretty solid

    TE avg

    K best in the NFL

    I'd say that you did well with your 7th pick I'd give you a "B+" but only time will tell.

    Good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    Good draft for 14 teams. Westbrook is probably going to have injury issues all year. Solid everywhere except possibly RB.....but again, good for 14 teams.

    I would give you a B.

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