Why does it take girls so long to decide if they're ready for sex?

Hey I'm a 16 year old boy, who's hormones go crazy at this age. My dad said that boys are allowed to loose their virginity by the time they finish their puberity. Anyway like I was saying, girls finish their puberity like when they're in Junior High. Why does it take them years to decide if they're ready or not?

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    Your dad gave you wrong advice. Usually I support parents. This advice was off the mark.

    Sex is best for both girls and guys when you are old enough, mature enough and in the right relationship at the right time.

    Imagine if you took your dad's advice and just 'did it' because you had strong urges. Could you also imagine being a father or having a sexually transmitted disease or even hurting a girl emotionally because you used her for sex? I am in health care and there was this guy who came to a clinic I was working freaked out because of a nasty oozing yellow discharge that came from his penis. My daughter knows a kid who fathered a child at 13--no kidding. The baby did not survive, but imagine being a 13 year old father.

    That is not to say that all sexual encounters will end up in pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease--that is to say however, it can happen and at 16 it will most likely happen because young people are more interested in getting sex than having a relationship. They tend to be less careful and less likely to be selective about their sexual partner. It would certainly be a tough thing to deal with.

    Now to answer your question--girls take longer to decide when they are ready because they are not ready. Neither are you.

    Having an urge and having the mental and emtional maturity in the right relationship are completely different things.

    If we do not have some restraint on our urges, we will most likely find ourselves in trouble.

    Sometimes I want to choke the crap out of someone, but I have learned not to let people cause me to loose my cool and I end up expressing my frustration in professional language instead of, well, choking the crap out of them.

    The times I regret the most are the times I allowed my urges get the best of me.

    So take care of yourself. Stay busy. Masterbate. Keep your mind and hands busy with sports or school. Do not let your urges control you--control your urges.

    Don't listen to your dad in this one. He is wrong.

    And for goodness sake, wait when you are ready. I can assure you, from personal experience and from knowing many others, people who wait for the right relationship at the right time have much better sex than people who will screw anything that comes by.

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    because it is still not socially acceptable for young women to experiment with sex in the same way it is for young men. most people do not look down upon a guy that has had crazy sex with a ton of girls. but, if a girl does the same thing, she is labeled as a whore or a slut. also, girls tend to make decisions based on emotions. guys tend to act first, think later. girls will think out every possible consequence before taking action. sex is a big step and girls typically don't take that step lightly. girls want it to be perfect and romantic yet most guys just want to get in there and get it done.

    your 16. just keep in mind that there is always going to be a big difference between the way men and women think. it's not a bad thing, it's just a major difference. be patient and appreciate the contrasts.

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    Because it's a huge thing. I don't know about guys, but for me, I was determined to save myself for the one I loved. It was an incredibly intimate moment when I finally did.

    I mean, think about it. You have someone tearing something inside you (IE the hymen), doing all those physical things, not to mention you're being bonded by the hormones sex releases. Namely oxytocin (spelling?). It's the same thing that stimulates milk release in mothers. It's also used for bonding purposes, which is why mothers and their babies bond.

    Girls take forever to decide because it's the most important decision. And I know of several guys that aren't ready, and they're in their mid-20's now.

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    They have a lot more to consider. Pregnancy, disease, loss of virginity. It is a badge of honor for a guy. Not so for a girl. In the other spectrum , guys are on the hunt, girls are the hunted. A girl can have sex anytime she wants, at the same time , a guy can go out with that thought and come home empty handed. The guy hunts the girl resist.

    That's life.

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    They have more responsibility if they have sex, pregnancy and the good likely hood that they would be throw en out of school as bad examples for females to follow Especially between the ages of 12 and 16yrs. between 16and 18 they stand a better chance of beening able to stay in school.

    Plus it takes about twenty minutes to warm up the sexual urges and body openings to be ready for sex. Not that they aren't as horny as males just have to be more careful and picky.

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    I figured a 16 year old boy would know this by now, but sex is ALOT different for girls....theres alot more risk for girls than there are for guys and most of us would rather be safe than sorry......and maybe there are girls that are ready to but they won't because they aren't on the pill or some other kind of contraceptive..... theres alot of different reasons why....

  • Losing one's virginity is a big step in a girl's life, and she wants to make sure she's doing it for the right reasons. As far as your hormones go, SCREW 'em! Beat off if you need relief.

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    Because girls are not in it for the same reasons guys are. You moron girls don't 'finish their puberty like when they're in junior high'. Who the hell told you that? How stupid. Wait and see how proud your dad will be when you contract a flaming case of syphyllis after you lose yours to some crack whore because you were not taught to value what is important. Jackass.

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    Because they have more to lose than you do. They have to think about pregnancy, diseases (which, by the way, aren't as easy for women to feel as men), and what you're gonna tell your friends the next day.

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    Because the consequence of sex are potentially much greater for a female,

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