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I think in spiderman 3 it should only b 1 villian: Venom. He shouldnt be with Hobgoblin or Sandman. Who agrees

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    I partially agree. I'm not sure how or why Sandman is worked into this equation, but hobgoblin was set up plenty in the last two movies and Venom is just as ready to go as ever since Mary Jane has left Brock and is with Peter Parker now. All he needs now is to go into space and bring back the suit.

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    ok you have to do the set up to get Venom and Venom can be the only one in four (cliffhanger) Sandman and Green Goblin (harry) are there to give peter problems but the suit is the biggest one.

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    i think it is great becuase this will probably be the last spiderman movie. for some reason trilogies are all the craze with movie companies these days. whatever happened to making movies until the franchise gets boring? even though this might be the last spidey movie they still might make spinoffs like they are doing with x men.

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