what policy change may impact nursing practice?

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    1 decade ago
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    Oh my, where do I even begin. Well, let me put it this way. After 10plus years in the nursing profession, I am leaving it and pursuing a career in finance. I am burned out, I am sick and tired of the red tape bull crap. I'm sick of the understaffing. I'm sick of nursing aids with attitudes. I'm sick of the constant charting. I'm sick of people charting things when I know damn well they are not getting done. How can you chart that you did a dressing change when my initials are still on the dressing that I did 2 days ago? I am sick of this bull crap with Medicaid saying that if an elderly person had any assets and gifted it to family/friends/significant other and then needs to be placed in a facility within 5years of the gifting, the recipients of those assets must return it to medicaid or the patient does not receive medicaid. So if your mother gifted you $40,000 and you wisely took that money and applied it to your mortgage and then 4 years 11months later she takes a stroke and needs to put in a nursing home and now she has no money, medicaid will not help her pay for it until you give backthe $40,000. So how is she supposed to get care? I am sick and tired of everything about nursing. Just sick of it. Any other questions?

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