Baby won't take pacifier. Any suggestions to calm / soothe?

My 7 wk old son will not take a pacifier. This is absolutely fine with me in most situations...No weaning later, etc. BUT, when he throws a fit in the car or at the grocery store, what do I do to calm him down?

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    If he throws a fit, you need to talk to him calmly and quietly, whisper. Try to entertain him with a toy. If that doesn't help you might need to leave the store. In the car just let him have his fit, don't acknowledge his screams, keep your attention on the road, if he doesn't get anything from you, he will stop it. It will take a lot of willpower, but if you're doing it now, it'll be a lot easier in the future. Trust me, screaming will not kill him and give him permanent damage. He will learn that he will not get anything from you and stop. It also might take two or three tries in the car, but he will stop. And you're not a bad mother if you do this. Nowadays everybody thinks if you don't give in, it will ruin his psyche, it won't.

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    When my son throws a fit, and I just realized that I don't have a pacifier handy, it's pretty easy to cheer him up.

    My son likes to be held, first of all. Babies love contact with mother, because it is the most familiar thing to them. I know it's kind of inconvenient, but it's better than screaming baby the whole time you're shopping.

    Also, try and bring a toy with you. It's better if he has a toy that he LOVES and takes everywhere with him because it's familiar as well. Bright colors are good. (my son's favorite is a bright green and blue elephant. He loves the colors, and he can grab on to the nose easily).

    And don't be afraid to be goofy. When my son sees me giving him a huge smile, or making a funny face or sound, he instantly cheers up and does the same. Your baby can sense if you are stressed/angry/upset or happy. So try looking happy so he'll pick up on it.

    As for the car, they have little mirrors with lights and music on them at Walmart. The noise might help distract him and keep him calm for the ride. I have one, but I have yet to use it. :(

    Dangly toys for the car seat are nice. Also at Walmart, they have a brightly colored dangle with long legs that, when pulled, jiggles its way back up. Bright colors and noise are your friend.

    To get him to take the pacifier, try to slip it into his mouth directly after feeding before you burp him, get him used to it a little bit.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): (I have a 6 month old son!)
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    My 10 week old doesnt take one either. My first child didnt either. I havent really had a problem with throwing fits I guess? The only time he cries is if he is hungry for the most part. There are those occasions that he isnt happy.. but I just pick him up and lay his head on my chest and rock him... or I put him in the car seat and walk around with him. ( I have no idea why that works, but it does)...I also have a bouncer that vibrates that works wonders!

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    My sons were both nursed and both absolutely refused pacifiers. I admired them for it.

    I calmed them down by stopped what I was doing, hold them, nursing them - a few times, i remember the store personnel help me check out rather than stopping everything. In the car, our second born couldn't go more than 15 minutes without shrieking, so our routine changed.

    The big thing about babies is that to mother well, you must adapt to their pace. They have a lot to teach us about racing through life

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    I think you have to identify and address the reason your baby is throwing a fit. Maybe he's tired, sleepy, hungry or simply need to be picked up and comforted for a while. not all babies can be calmed down with a pacifier.

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    In the car, sing to him, talk to him. You might find that if you figure out the shortest routes to places or routes with less stop lights he'll do better in the car. Give him an unbreakable mirror on the seat so he can see himself or maybe even see you. Try to keep trips short.

    At the grocery store, take him out of that darn plastic bucket carseat and put him in a sling! He'll be on you and happy and content and you can nurse discretely while you walk around shopping! It also keeps strangers from touching your baby with their dirty hands because they would have to invade an adult's space to do it.

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    My son refused every pacifier on the market. I wanted him 2 take 1 b/c I didn't want him 2 suck his thumb but he wanted his thumb. However as a newborn he couldn't always manage 2 suck his thumb. I would make sure my hands were very clean & give him 1 of my fingers. It work most times.

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    Both my sons don't even have a pacifier and I love them for that. You can let them hold a pillow or something instead. I found that they love to run their fingers around the edges and that calms them down..and they look so cute doing it!!

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    Yes, be glad he doesn't take the pacifier. Some friends of mine warned us about letting our son have one... It was difficult to break. As far as calming him... hold him so his ear is close to your mouth and whisper a soothing sshhhhh sound. Repeat it over and over. Rocking yourself back and forth may help too. My son also liked for me to hum a soft tune.

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