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what should i use to clean a tile floor? is vinegar OK?

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    I have tile floors. I asked when I bought what they recomended, and they told me vinigar and water. Don't use alot of vinigar, it will feel tacky. Use about a cup in with a half pail of warm water. The vinigar smell will go away pretty quick. My tile man said soap of any kind will build up on floors. By the way, he also said to use vinigar and water on my inlaid floors.My floors look real shiny and I'm happy with the results.

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    Vinegar is the best, I do use equal amounts of Vinegar and water on my ceramic tiles, makes them shiny and makes the house smells good too.

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    Vinagar and water should be o.k. But also what kind of tile? If marble or limestone then no. But ceramic tile o.k.

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    Use a mop.Vinegar is for pickles and easter eggs.

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