problem with girls?

It started over the summer, I asked for a girl advice from this girl (Erin), and Erin asked who it was. I told Erin it was a girl from another town and for some reason now Erin won't talk to me anymore. Before that we emailed each other everynight, and since I've email her and she won't even get a reply. What's going on?

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    She might have been giving you adivice according to how she would have like for you to come to HER... if you understand... in otherwords, she gave you advice thinking that you might use it on HER, not some other chick across town... If you really wanna know, don't ask Yahoo! ask her... she'll know the truth. Just come to her out of consern not anger.

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    Asking a girl for a girl problem?

    Dude, what are you thinking?

    Maybe Erin got a problem with the girl next town. You could try and ask her what's her problem with the quiet don't talk to me ever again feeling...

    I wonder how the answer would come out?

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    If it isn't obvious, she was hoping it would be her. She obviously likes you and is sad and disappointed that it wasn't her that you were talking about. She probably thought that when you asked her you had been talking about her the whole time.

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