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What are some good careers that could stem from being a real estate agent?

I am a real estate agent now, but in the future, what would be a good career that can be formed out of my knowledge and skill in real estate that would be a little more secure??

I already know mortgage brokers but anything else??

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    How about appraiser; home inspector; attorney; paralegal; or private consultant?

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    Real estate agents, commercial real estate brokers, commercial real estate leasing (that can be big bucks).

    Property managers, real estate investment brokers, meaning speculative kind of investments. Probably good idea for appraisers, they do really well.

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    lots of good jobs in Texas managing apartment buildings and commercial will be working for someone least until you have experience and mega buck to start your own company. I know a gal in Austin who works for a builder and only sells 800,000 dollar houses with a 2.8 commission...selling so many a month and making ever so much money that she is now going to school at night for an MBA.

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    why not build on your contact list and sell somethin to the those who have bought a house from you , for example:

    swimming pool sales

    roof repair sales

    driveway paving sales

    window sales

    I know it sells corny and perhaps I have not found the right thing to sell for you, but trust me when i say, take advantage of the relationships you have already built

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    Appraisal. They are very much in demand right now, and they make $80,000 or more a year.

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