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who loves degrassi on here?

ok i i love the show degrassi on the-n i watch it every night and definatly on weekends all night cuz they have a marathong..i have a huge crush on JT when he gets older.anybody watch the show

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    i luv derassi, i didnt really wanna watch it at first, but then, i started to, and now i love it...

    and i totally agree with you, JT got really hot! lol shame he got librty pregnant, though, aha

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    OMG, I LOVE JT!!! Hes really hot, who would have thought he'd be from the first episodes?? LoL. I love that show, me and my brother watch the marathons together. I hope this season is even better! Did you like Darcy, Spinners old g/f? I thought she was okay. I don't care for the whole Liberty and JT relationship, but at least it's interesting and keeps some variety in the show. I love Marco too, I think hes cute even though hes gay =) hehe...the new season starts sept. 29, right?

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    I used to watch OLD Degrassi in early 90's.

    Do they show that in the States?I believe it's all Canadian produced.If so,cool

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    i like degrassi. i think rick needs to rise from the dead and add some spice to the show. even though he was chemically imbalanced and not hugged enough for some reason he made me laugh, even when he slapped terri and shot jimmy. does that make me crazy too?

    Source(s): ps i would never slap a girl or shoot someone.
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    I LOVE Degrassi! Marco's my favourite! He's too cute.

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    I love that show jimmy and jt are my favorite.

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    no longer probable, I used to reveal screen the unique 1st seasons in like 1984 in simple terms because of the fact a guy I my grade 7 or 8 class grow to be a actor on the coach he grow to be the black guy his call is dayo i do no longer comprehend what his call on the television coach grow to be.

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    ewww, i saw jt in person, he looks better in person

    i loovveee degrassi and craig, and manny there my favorite

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