y is that all of us married women seem to b falling for other men that are not our husbands?

I have asked and read about 20 of the same questions...whats wrong with us i know im not a whore so im sure u others arent either we need a cult or something


ok ok not all married women im speaking on behalf of those women in the same situation im in

Update 2:

u guys dont understand i have never physically cheated on my husband EVER!!!! im not a whore..i have never had sex with this other guy

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    there are usually a couple of reasons. First is the need for excitement, thrill and romance. Remember that first kiss? The charge of that initial touch. After you have been with somebody a while those sensations become everyday. There is the need for something and we can't put your finger on it. This type of relationship offers that "first time" level of excitement.

    Secondly, is attention. Most of the time for women an affair is a symptom of a larger problem, not the root cause. There is a lack of communication and the need to connect with somebody on a deeper level. These relationships offer a level of intimacy that may be missing, eventhough it is often the appearence of intimacy without the commitment, so it isn't real intimacy at all.

    Hope that helps!

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    A lot of good answers here and some not so good. I'm glad to see a man with some sense answering. (Lost M) Hey, wanna fool around? JUST KIDDING! I think he has some good points. I don't know why I fell, I just did. Haven't done anything physically wrong and probably won't but, I can't help my feelings. I think that word "whore" is really overused here. And married women tend to be a little older and so are the men they fall for. Sooo, it's likely they will be married too. People shouldn't judge. It could happen to them.

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    Life can be full of hard hard temptations.So often other men treat us so much kinder than our husbands do.Soon they seem way better looking too but you have to remember how your husband treated you in the beginning.He was on his best behavior cause he wanted you right? Well thats all thats happening with the new guy. if you were married to him for 3 years and he would probly seem like a turd too.Just remember that you made a vow which is a promise and try to think of all the reasons you once loved him.The grass is not greener on the other side.Also if you should pursue this be ready for a volcanic eruption of angry male ego.Nothing makes them angrier than when you leave them for someone else and somehow they know weak spots so be prepared.The male ego is as fragile as a china teacup.

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    The married men are in the groove for a marriage. Meaning they know what and how to treat a woman and what is important to them. Almost sending a man to obedience school. They in the "family" zone- lack of a better word.

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    i'm sorry, i have self assurance extremely undesirable about the completed difficulty... I actual ought to assert that i have been interior of a similar top difficulty, yet u extremely favor to ask your self is this making u chuffed? And its of route confusing u. i imagine i ought to provide u good suggestion devoid of judgement so I choose u ought to shoot me an digital mail. yet u also favor to imagine @ your spouse and her husband. U ought to not even recognize how a lot ur spouse extremely loves u. If u extremely wanna do the right difficulty, u ought to tell the 'different woman' what u truly sense. quite some women wait on adult men. and what's the worst? U get rejection... yet that ought to keep ur destiny with ur spouse. I in basic terms desire ur not blaming this on your spouse, its extremely not her fault and it must be honest for her to entice close the reality. U see my call, in basic terms upload yahoo to it... with any success I suggested something that ought to help U!

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    I hear you sister. I guess we look for the details that are missing from our marriage and low and behold we find it. Now the kicker is... Get divorced and we'll probably end up single for the rest of our lives. What is it that guys say? Want to find a girl? Wear a ring... Or is that Murphy's Law???

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    My question to you is instead of going outside your marriage to seek what u feel is missing in your life, why not ask you hubby for it? Your being immature and selfish. Your giving women a bad image. Grow up.

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    I couldn't imagine bein with or even holla at anytone other than my hubby. Luckily I married my soul mate so to me nothin else could compare or be betther than that.

    Source(s): 12 yrs bein married to the most amazin man ever, in which I fall in love with each and everyday
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    Normally its just a feeling but I have to use my mind if I wont hurt any party

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    maybe they treat us better.if u had a no sex husband like mine,u would crossed that fence long ago.i no how u feel im me.

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