Top ten reasons why was Sparta was better than Athens...?

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    At the time, the Spartans were ahead of the other city states [that we know about] in that they developed a no-nonsense culture that emphasized focus on important things: physical excellence; a well-ordered well-behaved society; lack of materialism; a high degree of loyalty to their city and to each other; avoidance of excesses in eating, drunkeness, ostentation of any kind; public service was considered the highest duty of the citizens; private generosity was applauded.

    Keep in mind that women were mostly just for breeding and that there was a large slave population that supported a tiny percentage of the people who ruled the state. From our modern day perspective, it is difficult to "like" Sparta.

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    Better at warfare. But not better in terms of being a happy society to live in, for developing a system of democratic government with a high level of individual freedom by the standards of the time, or for producing great works of philosophy and literature. You need to think about what you mean by 'better'.

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    sparta was very very strict with its people and trained them to be advanced soldiers that kick ***

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