Does the price of gas rise in arab nations during their holidays?

The price of gas goes up on American holidays -ie 4th of july; Thanksgiving- does this only happen in the USA or does it happen in other countries on their holidays too? Does it go up in OPEC nations?

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    This is a great question!!

    The answer is no for a very good reason. Gas in most OPEC nations is owned by the government and sold at whatever price the "Gas Czar" decides to set.

    I heard that Venezuela has set the internal price at 19 cents a gallon. I guess that's one way to buy votes. I wonder what happens when the cheap oil runs out?

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    No, it doesn't. It stays as a fixed price all year long but there are different octanes i.e. 80, 90, 92 & 95 all are set at different prices.

    (((Saudi Arabia has recently reduced gas prices)))

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    It wouldn't matter as camels do not run on gas.

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