2001 isuzu trooper, a blinking ''check'' light that won't go off. it is right under the 4wd led. what is it?

the owners manual does not explain this. i've ask 2 different mechanics that do not know either. i'm trying to stay clear of the dealer and their outlandish high prices. please help!

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    There is an issue with the control or selector function for the transfer case. The light is an indicator of malfunction. You may have to bite the bullet and go to the dealer. Before going to the dealer though, I would take it to a local transmission shop like a Cottman's or Certified Transmission and see if they have an insight as to the reason for the light.

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    Your question is deceiving. At first glance, it appears you have a flashing check engine light. Then after re-reading it, the light flashing only says 'check' and is located under the 4x4 led. That is most likely the 4x4 system and it needs attention.

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    ***Now to address "sittinonthefence"...you need to lighten up and stop blowin your own horn!! The 3 techs that gave an answer were trying to help and I'll bet 2 of them, other than BiggDogg(he probably nailed it) did the same as myself and read it to be a flashing CEL. Your are dead wrong when it comes to "don't drive it if the CEL/SES is flashing". Bull Squat you can't!! Go back to OBDII school and learn something if you don't believe me! You should be ashamed of yourself dissing a fellow tech. A post like yours only contributes to feeding the fire that gives this trade a bum rap! It's one thing to give a + or - rating, but to belittle(sp?) a fellow tech in a public forum is nothing short of childish. Grow up and act like someone who really has 20 yrs experience.

    I'm fairly new here just as you are, and I don't know the rules and how the mods handle these types of threads. But if they delete it entirely or just my post...so be it! However you deserve everything I said!!!

    fwiw..."I" gave you the - rating, you deserved it!

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    Blinking? The sensor might desire to be grimy and inflicting it to flow on and stale. Take it to somebody who might desire to scrub it for you. Or, it truly is a situation that retains occurring like a hose is loose and cracking and easily each so often inflicting a vacuum leak. the two take it to Autozone or a place that does loose code readings or purchase a code reader your self and verify and notice if their certainly is a code. once you restoration the concern, confirm which you do reset the code. If it comes back on returned, the two the concern wasn't quite fastened or as I mentioned, the sensor is grimy. solid good fortune.

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    Blinking check engine light means that exhaust emission devices cat converters are in danger any misfire when you give the engine the gas will cause the check engine light to flash. Raw fuel unburned from misfireing will re burn in the cat converter overheating it and cause it to fail. Exhaust converters cost up to $1,000 each don't mess up and drive a car with rough running engine.

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    this may be a warning light telling you the gas lid is not on tight,,the system works on pressure,,and if doesn't sense pressure,it triggers a light,,try taking your gas cap off,,and then put it back on,,real tight,,if this does not do it,,i don't know right off,,what it could be,,but i will research it,,though id like to know my self,,i own a repair shop,,and as of now i have not ran across this problem,good luck with it,,i hope this fixes it.

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